Tuesday 19 April 2022

Transient Towpath Trudging - Pt.15

My enthusiasm is waving at the minute, because let's be honest here, I don't particularly enjoy the local canals if I'm honest and as I've mentioned before it is means to an end. It does help that ones recent results haven't been exactly been session I'd remember and I'm finding it tougher than this time last year.

Now the Hallowed stretch is a different story though because the quarry there is quite a bit different to what I've got at my disposal, well within 15 or so anyway. The reality is the short sessions I prefer is all well and good but it is now starting to limit my options a little.

The Hallowed isn't fishing that well either from those likeminded that have been fishing the stretch and the tench now showing yet, and those silver fish seemingly not in numbers like they once were.

The waters are still to be honest still a tad chilly and take this short session the temperature had actually dropped again not starting to rise like I was hoping it would, so back to early 13's again, not exactly tropical now is it. 

Anyway back to the fishing, again a roving session to try and spot some carp in and amongst the cover and then try and winkle out a Zander using a roach deadbait.

The area I hotfooted it to was covered in surface crud which looked like bush and tree cuttings and it stayed like that till the first lock was opened and the canal turned in to a river. In-fact it was the boat going by that eventually I got a bite on the Zander rod having fished 5 or 6 swims up and till that point. 

Only a small'un and clearly not spawned despite seeing them get it on in one area yesterday. I was also back to a hat as it was 5 degrees when I caught it, back to chilly mornings again like I mentioned before sadly.

Anyway I retraced my steps and out of the blue I spotted a carp after it revealed itself as I was patrolling and gazing at the cover. It was properly tucked up out of the way though so absolutely no way I'd get a bait to it. Riser pellet and bread didn't interest it whatsoever but then I know from past experience carp can be funny buggers. One more quick bite that didn't develop on the Zed rod and that was my lot. Bit bored of this now, so I might pop in prematurely to the Hallowed stretch but this time take some maggots, decisions decisions. 


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