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Friday 15 April 2022

Transient Towpath Trudging - Pt.12

For some reason I wasn't invited to the shindig down to London where the Wife and kids and her friend Rachel and her kids would be visiting the Natural History Museum, Hyde Park and I'm sure some other Big Smoke delights that no doubt I'd be kept informed throughout their day trip

So a rare full day to myself, where to go, what to do !!!!

I'd not been to the syndicate stretch for ones bailiff duties, so after a once over which is now made easier as the slippery slope of death is no more. Some materials obtained, some steps created, the elderly syndicate members no longer having to refamiliarise themselves with their life insurances.

What a fantastic spring day and it just got hotter and hotter and reached the dizzy heights of 21 degrees where oddly my brother who lives in North Devon it was only 13 degrees there, around the temperature of the water at the minute.

The Zander are certainly going to be thinking about spawning and that can often mean the struggle for bites. I had to get out for a few hours so I headed to nearest bit of canal to me where I knew it would be coloured. 

The problem was every Tom, Dick and Harry had the same idea and the towpath was like a circus with boat after boats, walker after walker.

Even John made the trip out and whilst I was nattering with him he'd caught a couple of bootlace eels on maggots. One was foul hooked in the belly and the other in the scissors. 

I was on the rove with two deadbaits rod after the Zander and a bite within ten minutes that I missed I thought I might well be on for a decent session.

That never materialised though because that was the only interest I got. Some of the boats were on full power which meant that on this very shallow canal the fish I'd imagine are keeping away from the carnage. 

I just couldn't find the fish, it was even quiet in the banker swim which invariably throws up a bite or two but not this short session it didn't.

So another blank to add to the collection !!!!

....To be honest not unexpected but odd for this stretch because if there is any of the areas I fish that I'd recommend to catch your first Zander it is this place. Oh well at least the weather was fantastic, it's amazing what some nice weather does to the wellbeing 😎

So on to the next one, this time I'll have some bread, some floating pellets and my carp set-up. 

A few tips where to find some canal carp was well received, this time though I'll be venturing out in the morning where hopefully the footfall and the boats will be few and far between !!


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