Monday, 7 March 2022

Warwickshire Avon - Meat Shacks and Metachronisms

A rare day out with the Wife started with a dirty burger from the Meat Shack, some loaded and halloumi fries and concluded with 'The Batman' in 4DX. Thankfully this sort of food I don't eat very often because boy, did I feel stuffed after it.

The 3 hour movie went far faster than I thought but being throwing around in a cinema seat I did think if I'd be reliving the burger all over again, but thankfully that didn't happen. 

So the following morning a short roving session was much needed, not only to walk the burger off but to also get some much needed fresh air. A bitter wind and only 3 degrees when I got bankside but the better option than just laying in bed twiddling my thumbs itching to get out. 

I agree with Brian, fishing for me is a tonic that many anglers have at their disposal. This was a short session, but a short session where my mind is clear and during the working week that is very rare let me tell you. In these troubled times anything that can have that effect needs to grasped with both hands. 

Chub were on my mind having caught a PB on this stretch, a near 6lber that engulfed a rather large piece of luncheon meat. The river was clearing though so despite being up I was hoping the visual bread, some bread mash and hungry chub they would be up for a feed.

The river seemed higher than last time so swims were limited but I fished 5 or  6 swims with only one bite. That one bite came from a game 3lber but the bigger fish didn't show sadly.

A lovely mint fish though and came from a static swim just off the main flow where I'd fed some bread mash and let it rest for a good half an hour or so.

I was surprised that was the only fish I caught but it just goes to show despite almost perfect colour that doesn't always guarantee success. With the river season ending in a weeks time hopefully a Pike is on the agenda because I'm sure now would be a good time to catch a big'un. 


  1. I love a dirty burger 😁. My mate makes them from goose mince and I serve them with streaky bacon, melted cheese, gerkins and tomato sauce in a huge crispy roll. Pure filth.


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