Saturday, 26 March 2022

Transient Towpath Trudging - Pt. 4

I don't usually look for the maggot box and what dregs of groundbait I've got left in the bait fridge, but I did exactly that for this short session down the canal.

You see I fancied a bite whilst the Zander sleeper rod was doing its thing and often the start to the closed season when its still cold you often have to leave the bait longer out doing its thing, or be lucky and drop a bait on a Zeds head.

The area I decided to target has some nice bream and hybrids in-fact much like the canal in these quarters where you'd be lucky to catch anything else. 

Still there are some bites to be had though but I've found that you need to arrive early before the boats start moving, as if you can get the fish to feed those rewards will soon be lost when the bottom is churned up and the water changes to Taylors Lava Java 

It didn't take long for a few bites either, all from bream caught on red maggot fished on the bottom. 

The hybrids didn't make an appearance but still a bend in the light float rod. It was a chilly start at 3 degrees but as soon at the sun made an appearance it was very pleasant indeed. 

Out of the blue after the deadbait rod had been out for a good hour a run developed and something happened that has never happened like that before. You see when I tightened up to the circle hook whatever it was on the end felt the hook and bolted to my right in a ridiculous violent manner.

It must have moved 4 or 5 metres in a second or so and before the drag could wake up from its slumber the hook pulled and the fish was off leaving me with a decent boil in the surface and wondered what the heck just happened. 

I've had Zander do quick runs like that but nothing as intense as this one. A carp ? quite possibly, a pike, not likely as I rarely catch them here, but sadly I didn't get to see the fish so I will never know.

The first boat came through and the bites dried up big time so I decided to up-sticks and venture to a stretch 5 mins away and try for a Zander. 

I used a whole small roach this time, maybe not even 3 inches long and the bait had only been out in the swim for 10 minutes before a bite came. I knew it was a small fish straight away but it was a Zander and one that for its size gave a pretty decent account for itself. 

And that was that, one missed bite on the maggot rod that was a small roach that dropped off and no more runs on the deadbait even after moving a few times. Still a nice morning and some bites so I'm not complaining. 


  1. Hi Mick, I think your first bite might have been an eel.... they are waking at the middle of March around and doing this shocking runs. I already have lost two big eels in last two years at the same time as you did. Bite was strange but runs was like a train until first close season days last 2021 year when I landed nearly 6 pounder from south Stratford canal stretch. Keep them chasing. Good job by the way- your blogs ��

    1. Could well have been Martin, didn't think about eels to be honest. The float did violently bob a couple of times when the bite developed and I've had that from eels on the river.

    2. Good shout Martin and wouldn't that be a coup Mick, a double figure canal eel! :)

    3. Was certainly a good fish judging by the boil on the surface. Might have to have dabble !!


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