Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Warwickshire Avon - Snotties and Snipocracy

So you know I like my pineapple rums well I ordered from Amazon a Spirited Union Pineapple and Spiced rum from for 32 quid and they sent Sweet Orange and Ginger, hmmmmm, so I complained and they said don't worry Mr Newey keep it and we we will send you another.
After receiving the package upon opening, AGAIN they sent the Sweet Orange and Ginger, so once again I complained and they said don't worry keep it and we will refund you the money this time. 

So after the refund I ordered the pineapple rum from another outlet so now have 3 bottles of rum, nearly £100 quids worth for £32 quid and lucikly the Orange is a lovely drink too in-fact maybe even nicer than the pineapple offering. 

Result !!!

For this short 2.5 hour session in to dark at the syndicate water the weather couldn't have been any better. 

The gentle breeze as soon as the sun set become non-existent and the rain that was predicted held off so for once I didn't end up soaked here. 

For a water that is very lightly fished the results haven't been startling but the low stock of Barbel every one caught thus far by myself, or other members have been doubles and above.

I can count on one hand the fish that have been caught but there is always a chance of other fish species to decent rod bending levels if there Barbel don't show.

I have had a 14lb carp, 6lb bream and >5lb Chub, some decent fish for sure. I hate sitting behind motionless rods but these short sessions are ideal especially when I only live 10 minutes away and its a hop skip and a jump to from the car to being next to the river. 

The water was flat calm and it looked good for a bite but after getting the rods out where I would fish a chunk of meat mid river and a boilie and freebies close in, those chub pulls and plucks didn't materialise like they usually do.

Dusk had been and gone and apart from the odd nibble from something small and the bats hitting the line I was starring at a blank.

Nic on the other hand was fishing the Wye and he managed a Barbel quite early on and then set his stall out later in the day after prebaiting a swim and they were crawling up his line.

This is the Warwickshire Avon though, it can be moody as hell and then moody the other times. I always give myself a packing up time and its usually an hour after dusk but this session it was 10.50pm so a tad longer. 

With 10 minutes to go and staring at a blank the boilie rod starts to receive some attention where a nod nod nod, turns in to a proper bite. I knew exactly what is was as soon as I felt the weight of fish on the line and the fact it wasn't exactly pulling back. 

Yeap one of the bream that reside here. not one of the big'uns either as this was half the size of the ones I've caught here in the past. Still not exactly what I was after but still the evening was most enjoyable and luckily my back is getting back to normal after nearly 2 weeks of pain


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