Thursday, 5 August 2021

Warwickshire Avon - Arthurs and Archigraphers

Now a typical charcuterie or deli board consists of mainly meats and cheeses. But at many restaurants or house parties, it’s common that these boards include bread, fruits, nuts, condiments such as honey or mustard, pickles, and olives. Many of the common meats that are considered to be charcuterie include capicola, salami, and prosciutto. Dry-cured chorizo and mortadella are also regularly-used meats in terms of charcuterie.

Cheese is all about preference, it comes down to what pairs better with the meat your platter. Salty meats and cheese's such as prosciutto go well with chilled, sparkling wines. That is because they are lower n alcohol content, high in acid, and a little sweet to balance out the saltiness. Sauvignon Blanc is much choice and the added bonus about working from home is that lunchtime can me more liquid than it usually is. My wife is lucky with the food I put in front of her, to be fair about the only thing I get praise for !!!

Now as a design engineer 'accuracy’ and ‘precision’ are often used interchangeably in everyday conversation. While watching a football game, a fan might exclaim “That was a precision shot! He hit the corner of the net from 30 yards!” As engineer you may be tempted clarify whether that shot was really precise, or whether it was accurate, or true.

While this may make you an unpopular person to watch games with, you’d be perfectly correct in noticing that this usage doesn’t match the scientific definition. In colloquial context, preciseness often implies accuracy, and vice versa.

In science and engineering accuracy refers to the trueness of a quantity, whereas trueness implies the closeness of a value to the true value or to a reference standard, precision is defined as the reproducibility or repeatability of a result from repeated measurements under unchanged conditions.

Bored yet ? yeah me too !!!

Work is relentless again, ok I'm not complaining (much) but these short sessions suit my fishing style where little and often keeps my mind where it needs to be. That little bit of solitude away from the diary makers is needed in ever increasing amounts these days and you only have to look at my blog to see that. 

So for this short in to dusk session where I'd seen some barbel recently matchman Jon Arthur's levels of accuracy would be used to bait drop some hemp and small pellets in to a classic barbel swim with cover, gravel and streamer weed. Above and below here is similar to be fair but this swim you can tuck yourself away land fish easier and there are much less nettles to negotiate. 

The water was gin clear again but here it is always shaded so I didn't expect much action but I'd try and not disturb the swim too much by lowering the dropper in Z and then for the last hour in to dusk fish a small boilie bait over the top with a pva bag of freebies. 

On the bigger sections of rivers I fish I'm very lackadaisical in ones baiting when using a dropper so despite me thinking I'm fishing over a wheelie bin lid area of hemp it probably is actually the size of the lorry its about to emptied in to. 
With some much needed rain on the way I was probably premature but still, nothing ventured nothing gained and all that.... anything doing ?

After the bait dropper did its business a quick nose around the deserted river before fishing the chosen swim the nettles and fauna were a hinderance like they usually are here, but someone had made themselves a new swim since I fished here last. A nice job actually because downstream of here chub and barbel often hold station in the shallows.

One of the elevated swim there were a group of chub the biggest maybe 4lb-5lb just holding off the cover but a broken twig sent them back in hiding again as in these conditions they really are very shy and cautious creatures indeed.

When you can see the bottom in 4 and 5 foot swims like this and you cannot see any fish at all apart from the odd perch and dace you'd been inclined to think there are no decent fish to be caught. They are all in hiding though until the light goes and dusk is upon us.

I got the first chub one foot pull half an hour after getting the boilie out and some freebies and those chub pulls continues for the next hour. Some of them proper violent plucks as well.

I was here for the Barbel though so I always use a long hair which usually prevents all but the most determined of chub hooking themselves. It was an intimate swim and any chub caught would put a kybosh on the proceedings.

If I wanted to catch them a slack line usually works on a running set-up even with a long hair as the resistance is less and they feel comfortable in just going that one bit further. The self imposed  finishing times came too soon but ok no sign of the barbel that I have seen here recently but my mood was certainly lifted and that's what its all about.... on to the next one !!!


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