Saturday, 6 March 2021

Warwickshire Avon - Parapsychology and Paroemiographers

The hard overnight frost didn't put me off because I've caught decent Zander when it has been cold, very cold in-fact.

This would be a roving session with two deadbait rods and the exercise contributing to ones Twik points for the #Polestarchallenge. 10,000k steps was covered in this 4 hour session dropping in to likely looking fish holding swims.

So many people think fishing is sat on ones backside and eating Cornish pasties whilst waiting for a bite. For many yes, but this pursuit of ours contributes a lot to my weekly exercise.

The river had risen and had coloured up quite considerably but much like the turbid canals I fish for Zeds I'm sure if I could drop on one it would readily take the bait.

The largest Warwickshire Avon Zander I've caught was in similar conditions to this but 3 swims down without a nibble this could well be a tough'un.

Fishing can surprise you though so I was here I might as well just get on with it. I've even caught jackpike when the river has been coloured so a Pike could well be a blank avoider.

I've not caught a river Zander for a good while but then I haven't really fished for them this season having chosen other species to concentrate my efforts on.

It's a big water this, maybe that doesn't help because I do prefer to fish smaller river and streams because, well it's just my thing.

Roach on one rod smelt on the other 2 hours in I was wondering why I left a warm bed to walking a muddy river well below freezing.

There were a few anglers braving the conditions though, fair play to them I thought I'd have the banks to myself again. 2 guys trotting and another predator angler who after a biteless hour and a good natter when he passed me switched allegiances and up-sticks and went to fish the canal instead. 

Maybe I should have joined him because 3 hours in without even a nibble the fish were just not having it.

I travel light though so I decided to go above the weir in the deeper swims that also have lots of cover to fish tight to. One swim had quite a bit of activity to with some fish topping. I even disturbed what I think was a carp that I think was holding up right under the staging.

Having lost a Zander (99% sure) recently, blanked with Nic on a usually productive stretch and then now this session I was getting a little bored with it all.

Still I couldn't do anymore, that's fishing for you, you cannot catch a fish if you haven't a bait in the water. It was some solitude away from a noisy household though, sometimes that is all I need to recharge the batteries and feel good with the world again.

A blank !!!!


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