Saturday, 6 March 2021

The Tiny River Alne - Aberuncators and Arborists

The Alne can be a tough little river but catch it right, the odd bite here and there to a red latter day. The more I fish it the more I learn about it. Baits too, bread can do the business one day, fish the same way the following the day they are not interested. 

The levels and colour obviously have an effect but then I've had cracking days when it's tea coloured and then fish it again with the same amount of teabag dunking, not a sausage.  

There is no denying they do like worms, big'uns too. A recent session here using a size 6 hook and a half a lobworm I had a brilliant session especially for the dace where all but one were over 5 ounces.

The biggest went 7 and I'm sure there are some better ones to be had here so this session with Sam by my side was the first of a couple I had planned over the weekend. 

I rarely use groundbait as I generally loose feed but I had the small feeder rod with me to see if a change in tactics again would again alter the fishing to my favour.

We didn't have any lobworms but ones womery has had an explosion of worms recently so I collected a few of them and would fish a small worm and a maggot on the hook.

Again another tough session this minnows seemed to be a problem which haven't be an issue before. The groundbait having an effect I don's know, but they were big enough and fat enough to register a decent bite on the 0.25oz quiver tip.

The dace didn't show at all but the chub did. Sam landed this 1lb fish after it gave him the run around but the same couldn't say for me because I took the reigns for one bite and a 3lber took me all over the swim and ended up getting in to the cover to my left and the small hook pulled.

The bites dried up so we did go on the rove for a while but again the bites from any fish were hard to come by. Even fishing the fast water I thought maybe I'd catch a dace or even a trout but no it was very tough session indeed.

Sam is generally fine on the whole if we are getting bites but he soon gets bored and you know when it's time to think about leaving when he takes to the trees or splashing in the puddles.


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