Sunday 13 December 2020

Warwickshire Avon - Quagmires and Quicquidlibets

Looking at the weather forecast the evening before I had to prepare for the worst, because rain was going to around the whole day and in the morning it was going to be particularly heavy. Now I did think about a roving around for Chub but for once I felt like a chilled session under an umbrella for a predator.

I did consider returning to the roach and bream swim but I'd not caught a Zander for a while but in this area when the river is up there is some sanctuary away from the flow and turbulence. 

Smelt on both rods and from time to time I had a float rod to try and at least catch something if the Pike and Zander were not biting.

The river was still a nice colour albeit a light green colour not tea coloured I like for Zeds. As expected I had the whole stretch and after walking through a sodden field at dawn I got the umbrella up quick smart and with a kingfisher already patrolling up and down the stretch at least I would have some company. 

There are plenty of features here for predators to hang out and I moved the deadbaits around the various swims for the 4 hours I was there, and the odd twitch here and there to try and provoke a reaction if a fish was wonder wether to take the bait or not.

It's surprising this little trick Sean used to do can often turn a blank session in to a good one.

I'm not one to lug all the gear like I did for this trip out, but it was more necessity than anything else, if I didn't get out, I'd probably only regret it. 

For a couple of hours despite what would seem half decent conditions both float rods remained motionless and the rain didn't let up all the time I was there, and I did wonder leaving a nice warm bed was the best idea. But still got to be in it to win it, at least I decided to give it a go especially when potentially the local rivers could well become unfishable again. 

I sat back away from the river itself because the swim had turned in to a proper quagmire, ones muck boots never seen as much mud, proper thick sucking sticky stuff too, not exactly pleasant.

I'd been chucking maggots straight out in front of me from under the umbrella and eventually after a good while a few fish started to top. Perch were chasing the fry from time to time as well, at least I knew there were fish in the swim.

When there was a break in the weather the float went out but it took a good while to catch the first fish. There are usually dace here and small roach too but even just off the main flow where they tend to be nothing doing at all.

A switch to close in brought a quick bite on the double red maggot and it was quite a nice chunky perch however not exactly what I was after. 

The countdown timer was on now and with the rain getting heavier the sanctuary of Korum's ageing green canopy was unavoidable, what miserable weather, didn't the weather Gods get the email, some of us are stuck working from home during the week. 

Eventually though the left hand float bobs and sails away and the red top of the float disappears from view. The first lunge I knew it wasn't a big fish but I was hoping it was a Zander.  Not in this case though, a small jack that had clearly been on the munch. On that fish and with the rain easing off, it was time for the off and wondered maybe Barbel might have been the better option. 

Till the next time, where it will be out with the secret weapon, watch this space !!!!

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  1. Swims like that resemble the football pitches I grew up playing on! At least you caught too, nothing worse than being caked in almost knee deep mud and blanking.


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