Saturday, 3 October 2020

Warwickshire Avon - Dissenters and Despotism

Great isn't it, having being confided to ones home office for almost the whole week because very busy with work and family life, just when I can go fishing Storm Alex, oddly named by the French meteorological service, moves over the Channel from France. Now eldest Ben was confined to the house too because of one of his teachers having tested positive for COVID-19.

Luckily Sunday is the last day he has so isolate because it's been a difficult time for him not knowing what the heck is going on and why he cannot go out. Usually happy Ben brought to tears a couple of times bless him. Good news though, no symptoms for him and us, so all good.

Now all good cannot be said for SNP MP Margaret Ferrier, you know one of the MP's that called for Dominic Cummings to resign in May just a few months before she broke coronavirus rules herself and unlike Cummings, she tested positive and potentially put others at risk. 

Oh and she's yet to resign, probably couldn't get her 80k salary and huge expenses in the private sector. Practice what you preach and at least have the decency to resign but the rule makers all seem to be as bad as one another. 

Now Adam was to hit Southern coastal areas of England and could see gusts of up to 65mph and others could be at risk of flooding before the end of Sunday, as the French storm will be followed by another band of cold and blowy conditions.

Big waits and long waits, simple tactics where I'd fish a lump of spam on one rod and the other rod I'd fish a smelt under a Pike float. The swim I'd chosen was one where I'd had a decent session last season where not only I caught a double figure Pike but a decent Chub too.

Now the first ever session here where I was targeting the silver bream for the bloggers challenge something surfaced that produced a wake of huge scale. Easily the biggest wake I'd ever seen something produce when I was bankside. I caught a glimpse of it though, it wasn't an otter I know what for sure but it was dark, very slender and head out of proportion.

A Warwickshire Avon cryptid if there ever was one..., and as you know I love a good cryptid story. 

One of the most interesting types of cryptids to dive into, at least for me, are ocean or water-dwelling cryptids.

Mostly because some of these cryptids turn out to be actual animals that exist today, such as the giant squid or the goblin shark. One of the most infamous, photo-captured sea cryptids is the Hook Island Sea Monster from 1965.

First, let's start with a physical description. It is a gigantic sea monster that resembles a terrifyingly ginormous tadpole. It was spotted in Stonehaven Bay, Hook Island, Queensland.

Robert Le Serrec, who had a run-in with the monster, said he saw it with his family and his ship-hand in December, 1964.

Robert Le Serrec, as you might have guessed, was a Frenchman. His family had recently purchased a motorboat and had decided to stay on the island for several months. The family was crossing Stonehaven bay on December the 12th on their motorboat.

While on the boat, Robert’s wife noticed a strange object on the bottom of the lagoon. How strange? Well, it was massive, 30ft long, and shaped like a tadpole.

The family started snapping pictures, and Le Serrec's first mate, de Jong, eventually summoned up enough courage to jump in the water with the intent of filming the creature. Initially, they believed the 75-80ft monster to be dead. But, they were wrong.

When Le Serrec got closer and began filming, the serpent opened its mouth and started moving towards them. Frightened out of their minds, they returned to the safety of their boat. When they got settled back aboard the boat, the creature had fled.

Le Serrec and those aboard also reported seeing a wound on the right side of the creature. They later surmised that the creature may have been wounded by a ships propeller in open or deeper water, and had decided to take refuge in the shallow lagoon to recover. 

Now he also noted that the sea creature as having eyes on the top of its head (which many debunkers note is uncommon for most sea creatures). 

The eyes were pale with slit shaped pupils. It was mainly black in colour, with traverse stripes. Its skin appeared smooth, in fact - its whole body was smooth with no fins or spines. No mention of teeth were mad

Unsurprisingly, many tried to instantly debunk this theory. Claiming it was somehow photoshopped (despite being from 1960s) or otherwise manipulated.

Some even claim that it is likely that the picture is just a clever angle on a large school of fish. However, this is vaguely impossible because of how straight the lines are in the pictures.

Those who "want to believe" but find a rational explanation also guessed that the creature could be a huge swamp eel, from the Synbranchidae family. But...these types of eels rarely grow larger than 150cm. Others guessed that it might be a monster-shaped sheet of plastic, weighed down to create the shape.

Anyway I'm going off tangent, lets get fishing !!!!

I was bankside just after dawn and no sign of rain, great, but as the morning went on the rain started to increase and by the time I left three hours later an umbrella would have been needed. The water was still gin clear but here there is some decent depth so I was hoping for a bite or two.

The spam rod had one proper bite and that was it, premature on the strike I can only assume it was a chub. Apart from that it was dead, proper dead. The smelt was doing its thing and the odd twitch every 10 or 15 minutes to bring it up off the bottom eventually a bite developed.

The float buried under and a fish was on. For its size it gave a pretty decent fight but a jack had succumbed to the deadbait.  I wanted to kick the pike season off with a pike and I managed that, but I prefer fishing for Pike when the weather is much colder.

The larger fish can become lazy and it's a great time to catch them. As I type this is raining again and we are expected another load tomorrow too. I even tried a couple more swims before I left, but again, nothing doing.

Where to fish, what to do ?


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