Monday, 2 September 2019

Warwickshire Avon - Prorogers and Potwallopers

I lacked a little motivation to be honest for this session, not sure why, The river Ise wasn't that productive but not only that, the countless number of insect bites I had went a little rogue. The itchy bites turning weepy and not only that but my leg started to swell.

The first day back at work where I was sat on ones backside for 8 hours when I got back home I struggled to get my trousers off.

Everything above my sock had ballooned to such an extent that it looked out of proportion to the right leg. The picture on the left was on the Sunday chilling in the garden. 24 hours later it swelled once again and ended up painful to the touch.

Antihistamines, ibuprofen and ice packs applied on the evening after work certainly helped and also after elevating it for a while as well, it luckily was reducing in size as a trip to the doctor might have been on the cards.

The kids not a bite between them which I was surprised at, maybe they have a taste for alcohol which I'd enjoyed in temperatures reaching 30 degrees.

I did consider trying to get out for a Barbel session especially as the nights are drawing in but after getting all my tackle sorted in the end I decided to give fishing a miss during the week. Not a bad thing as I'd been fishing more than ever.

For this short session down one of my favorite sections of the Avon was to fish with Sam and I'll take the back seat. Maggot under a small float and also some lobs under a Perch bobber. The river at the minute is back to being low and clear again which for the larger fish isn't an ideal time to fish. Well certainly when the sun is up and the skies clear.

But fish maggot though, plenty of bites to keep the little one occupied and to be honest it turned out in to an ok session.

One swim produced some of the biggest bleak I've ever come across and the shoal was a couple of hundred strong. In and among the bleak were the odd chublet and also small game dace.

The perch were elusive to begin with but some lobworms drifting in and around the weir pool eventually the bobber started to see some action and within the space of half an hour he managed perch up to 11 ounces or so.

Roving around was the key here and also trying to find swims that were either shaded or had some depth. I couldn't get a look in with the rod and even after a decent pike decided that he liked the look of the bleak on the retrieve Sam did all the playing before it sadly ejected the bait as it was nearing the net.

He had to apply some decent side strain as well and teeth not reaching the line gave him the opportunity to feel what a big fish feels like on the end of his line.

He was gutted when he lost it, but that's fishing for you. Next time we will go tackled up properly for it. So not a bad session to be honest and I quite enjoyed taking a back seat as Sam is turning in to quite a good little angler.


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