Saturday, 7 September 2019

'Not Quite' The Close Season Zander Quest Pt.141 – Twirlblasts and Throttlebottoms

With the rivers low and clear it gave me a good chance to have a go at the canal Zander to register some bloggers challenge points. Now thinking about it I will still have all of the closed season before the competition end and hopefully where canal Zeds are concerned I'll be collecting those much needed points.

Dan leading the way thus far, but then he is more experienced than me, so not unexpected.

As a dab hand now catching these fascinating fish the banker swim was as good as any. Now this bush overhangs the canal a decent amount and any respecting zed head would know that there would likely be Zander laying up underneath it as it provides a nice canopy over their heads.

The last time I fished it, multiple runs and 11 fish banked. If I ever fall on hard times I know what could fill ones belly.

Smelt has proved a revelation in ones armoury, and this mornings session was no exception, roach never got a look in. 8 fish taken in the banker swim, 2 from another swim. 2 missed runs as well, it was quite a productive morning I must say.

The water temperature is coming down and that I'm sure brings on the Zander to feed. All fish in cracking condition which is encouraging as not far away there are a couple of otters.

The biggest fish went 4lb 4oz. Not massive as I've had fish twice that size but when you have multiple runs like I did today, that sometimes makes up for the lack of stature. Still a waspers delight mind you, deadbaits really do seem to sort the men from the boys.

The towpath was busy, boats three or four. Canals are not my favourite place to frequent but there is a reason why I dedicate so much time in the closed season fishing for these interesting fish. As a species they are nothing like anything that shares these mucky midland waterways. I'm hoping a double will eventually come my way, heck I think I deserve it.

Tough as barbed wire they give a decent scrap this time of year as well. They have a reputation for fighting like a wet lettuce but a couple of them gave me the run around today. Fish I could swear could make five till they surfaced and their statue not what I expected.

With a new car to pick-up next week, a car that will suit my fishing needs like no other and give me a smile on my face like these canal Zander do.

Smelt, try it, you'll be amazed !!!


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