Sunday, 27 January 2019

Warwickshire Avon – Pudding Sleeves and Puff Guts

Talking about milking it, crocodile teared Emma Fairweather has been doing the rounds of the media after her 'traumatic' encounter with the Duke of Edinburgh. Now Emma suffered a broken wrist in a car crash with Prince Philip near the Queen's Sandringham Estate, an accident where his Freelander overturned.

As I write this, she is still probably waiting for an apology from the “world’s most expensive plaque-unveiler.” his words not mine, because an apology from the palace wasn't enough. Just move on with your life for God's sake nobody was was badly hurt, then again rather than letting the insurance company's sort the mess out, there is a few quid to made stupid.

Emma Fairweather, still waiting !!!!
"The door is absolutely still open for him to reach out," and Ms Fairweather added she had "not yet been asked for a statement by police, and had yet to receive a full medical examination."

You cannot make this stuff up !!!!

Anyway maybe now it's time for the Queen to take the keys off the old duffer, and put hers away for good as well, it's not as if they haven't got chauffeurs to ferry them about when they need to get out and about. 

I worked on the Bentley State Limousine that was gifted to the Queen at Windsor Castle on 29th May 2002 It was presented on behalf of a consortium of British based automotive manufacturing and service companies, as recognition of her Golden Jubilee year.

I'm sure that's kicking around somewhere, it's certainly a car to be driven in, the leg room was ridiculous and more than enough room for all the corgi's and for them to stretch their legs and the Duke to fall asleep after his whiskey and milk. 

Failing that maybe it's time to get serious....!!!!

Now kidnapping and containment isn’t my usual approach when fishing rivers, but here are some lovely swims where the fish feel safe.

Fallen branches left to rest, forgotten trees harbouring flood debris from forgotten times and huge rafts of canoe stopping proportions, seemingly bottomless glides you can jump across and sheltered swims providing cover and sanctuary to untapped fish I’ve yet to plunder.

Now this particular swim the bigger Chub have some shoulder room rather than having to mix it with the youngsters in the mosh pit and this swim would be one of four I’d fish for this morning session. A stiffer rod, a 3g (2 SSG) coil feeder to try a method out George Burton has been using recently and no hooklink just straight through to a size 12 specimen hook. Bait well bread flake and a few bits of steak I had left over from the Chevin session midweek.

Anyway enough of the babbling prelude, how did the session go ?

My God it was blustery, the wind was bitterly cold as well, the temperature flattering to deceive. I was struggling to stand up at one point such the power of the wind. Some rain overnight had boosted the levels but the water would have been cold, very cold I'd imagine. There was a slight tinge of colour so I expected the fish to feed, but the session was tough.

About 2 hours in to the three hour session, and with the first half an hour spent pre-baiting, I was contemplating calling it day, but I stuck to the plan and eventually I was rewarded.

Bites were difficult to see because the rod tip was bouncing around like a good'un, but this was a confident pull and a fish was on.

I could tell it wasn't a big fish but a welcome fish all the same because it was like a bar of ice when I unhooked it. I retained that in the net to see if anymore fish were in the swim, but after 15 minutes I moved on to the next swim. This was the intended finishing swim, because fish here if hooked and banked are generally over 4lb in weight. The first tap came quite quick but it didn't materialise in to a proper bite for some reason, it was certainly a fish for sure.

After half an hour without further indication I decided to finish a little earlier, it was obvious the fish were not feeding because usually I'd get a bite in every other swim. There was plenty of debris coming down and that certainly wasn't helping, and the water temperature taking a dip overnight there were probably huddled together sulking. A nice morning though with some wild weather, oddly enjoyable on the whole.

Oh and as I was driving back listening to the news on the radio, this mostly prewritten blog post has an update, you see, because apparently the Duke, sorry one of his minions has written to Ms Fairweather to shut her up, sorry give her an apology.

Thank God for that, I thought there was another sleepless night was on the cards.


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