Thursday 12 July 2018

Warwickshire Avon – Wrigglers and Wristlets

The fitbit secured loosely on ones wrist was telling me to reach the goal I’d set myself, I needed to get ones legs and feet moving. Luckily for me the only real opportunity to go fishing to seek the solitude I seek, had to be this evening otherwise I’d not get out till the weekend. So nothing to exciting, some maggots and some trotting at a swim I know contains a shoal of dace eager to get feeding on the grubs coming their way. 

I’d bought it to monitor my sleep, which frankly is pretty naff, it always has been, but it maps out the shuteye I have, or lack of it and gives me an indication how I could improve it and if there is a pattern emerging.

I chose the furthest carp park away from the location and hot footed it there for a couple of hours. The river despite the lack of rain, looked in good nick, and the levels certainly not as low as I thought it would be. The temperatures are dropping overnight and water felt cool not warm like it has done. 

Some rain on the way though, and boy do we need it, the grass is a dry as a teetotallers booze cupboard.

The water has a nice pace on it and a few maggots ever cast quickly had the fish feeding. Not the biggest Dace mind you but sometimes it’s not about the fish size but about being out in the countryside with a foxes fart the only disturbance from the detachment fishing can give. After an hour or so with quite a few fish caught some chublets moved in, again not the biggest fish but welcome all the same. 

I’ve said before, I don’t trot enough, because when I do, I love it as a technique especially when the larger fish nail the float and something worthy of a bend in the rod come along.

I need to do more of it….


  1. I got a FitBit 18 months ago and slipped off some railings last week (fish spotting) and smashed it - miss it, going to get another. I love it when I do 50 or 60 thousand steps in a day, but also secretly love it when I do less than 400!

  2. Great technology isn’t it, I thought it might be a fad at first but works well for me. Not reached 50k steps myself, not far off mind u


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