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Saturday 21 July 2018

Warwickshire Avon – Pugnastics and Punxsutawney

This summer's heatwave has had a dramatic impact on the UK's landscape, turning previously lush parks and playing fields yellow. The green swathe of land has turned brown and barren-looking after weeks of dry heat. Apparently it’s the longest Britain has experienced in 42 years, I want a change in the weather, as I think many do. I’m a bit tired of it all now to be honest. Although I like a nice spell of hot weather, this 6 weeks or so we've already had is enough for me.

What I’m not bored with though, is the variety in my fishing, which to be honest, I’m trying to mix it up more than ever these days, the small water fishing in-particular, it’s what I like doing, despite the mediocrity of the fish to be caught.

The next session back to the Tiny River Alne I think, I'm sure there are some nice Roach to be had in the deeper swims I'm yet to fish.

For this session though, it was Groundhog Day…

A return to the area where I caught the big Chub couldn’t have come soon enough, you see the swim where I caught it from had fish which were clearly visible and there were bigger fish to be had.

Now they backed off once the 5lber was caught and disappeared as quickly as they appeared. They were in a proper tussle and scrimmage to beat the other fish to the floating bread, it was a survival of the fittest.

The props were not as quick as the hookers and I’m sure I had one of the wingers. There were bigger fish there at the time for sure.

Were they back again…?

Well only one way to find out, make hay and all that….

Now a summer caught Chub at 5lb will be much bigger come wintertime when they get their duffel costs on and that is certainly encouraging. The deep frame and length of the fish I caught might even push 6lb or beyond after Jack Frost has left the area, such its statue.

The freebies made the cagey Chub let their guard down and I was waiting for the opportunity for their corner to put the towel in. I nearly ran out of bread last time though, so for this session I was back with a couple of sliced loaves despite the session being the same length.

There’s not a British freshwater fish that offers so many challenges or can be tempted in so many ways, or on such a wide variety of baits as the chub. Old rubber lips cannot possibly resist something flapping away in trouble on the surface so I had the lure rod with me as well. In predatory terms, even from a very young age, and we’re talking a fish of four inches or so, the chub had few equals.

The rainbow trout shares a similar kind of aggression level when near the surface and looking for food, but then they are programmed to accepts floating pellet from birth, they are difficult to quantify. Either way, I cannot think of another coarse species so willing to have a go like a chub and that feeding mentality is there to be exploited for the angler.

Arriving early the fish were willing to feed however they were far more cagey this time. Once a fish was hooked the swim went dead to you had no choice but to move on to the next swim. Not a bad thing because that's how I like to fish. The smallest fish went 2lb or so and the biggest caught a nice big framed fish of 4lb 9oz's. Two three pounders, one an ounce off 4lb which was caught on the lure. So another decent session however the fish switched off after the initial feeding spell so it was time to head back home.

Usually the bigger fish start milling around come sundown so I think a session in the week is on the cards to try and tempt an even bigger Chevin.

The river well, I've never seen it so clear....


  1. Nice one, haven’t had one on a lure for ages - going to give it a go. I’ve found that if you run the chub you’ve caught downstream a couple of pegs to release him often the others will keep feeding.

    1. Yeah did that in one of the swims but didn’t seem to make a huge amount of difference. I might try and retain one in the landing net next time and at least try and winkle a couple out from the same swim.

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