Monday 13 November 2017

Warwickshire Avon – Otters and Oneirocriticism

The race had started, the hill mimicked Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake, but in this race an out of control horse box and Labrador nudging a field mouse were neck and neck, until a mole hill upset the house boxes chassis, causing it to overturn.

The dog the victor...

Yeap I’d been at the Stilton again courtesy of some good friends of ours who laid on another fantastic Sunday roast.

Now as someone who experiences some very vivid dreams from time to time, usually curiously of the blue veined stuff, I do like to do some research to try and interpret my subconscious mind.

To dream that you are climbing a hill signifies your struggles in achieving a goal. You need to focus your energies on the prize. To dream that you are standing on top of a hill suggests that you have succeeded in your endeavours and that you have the necessary resources to complete the task at hand.

Dreaming that you are going down a hill means that things are not going your way. You are experiencing some setbacks. Alternatively, the dream signifies regression or repressed thoughts.

To see a hill in your dream symbolizes challenges or obstacles that you will confront in the near future. Alternatively, the hill may represent your desire to escape from your current situation. Dreaming of rolling hills refer to life's ups and downs.

But then there’s the mouse which apparently indicates that you are spending too much time dwelling on minor problems and insignificant matters.

Hmmmm, to be honest, not far off a couple of things that have happened this week that did fit the interpretation. I even relayed the dream to the Wife who’d been tossing and turning because of the ridiculously huge winter duvet that was preventing her from sleeping.

Yeap, it’s coming, hopefully as quickly as it was put on….

So I need to start looking up the hill rather than down it and reach that peak, that for me, fishing related anyway is a Warwickshire Avon, 5lb Chub.

Up till now they have eluded me, and despite catching numerous 4lber’s up to but not exceeding 4lb 13oz I’ve still not got that monkey off my back.

Winter on the way though and the Chub are getting fat so I’m going to give them another bash, I’ve an area in mind where I know they reside (They’ve come out in matches) but before I fish there it’s down to pastures well known to me.

You see this part of the Warwickshire Avon is feature filled and has a good chub population, one memorable session I’d had four bites and banked 4, 4lbers.

I got to the banker swim and as I was baiting up (lobworms as there are some clonking Perch here too) I heard and saw a disturbance in the margins, then the wake moves from left to right and an otter pops his head out

Bold as brass….

Half an hour on in had thought about moving on, but the tip whacked over and a Chub was on. I like using balanced tackle for Chub and it was giving the 1.2TC TFG River and Stream rod a decent work out. It’s a lovely light blank so from roving from swim to swim it’s ideal.

It tried and failed to get under some far bank cover and it was landed.

3lb 6oz’s….

Working my way down the available swims a couple of chublets were caught and then on to a swim that usually has visibly feeding Barbel. It’s quite elevated and bites are quick from Chub as they are usually just off the flow in an area of slack picking over the food stuffs that come their way.

No sooner as the lobs settle the rod whoops over. This was a much smaller fish that obviously had been having a tough life with it all as it was missing a huge portion of its flanks right down to the bone. It looked quite a recent wound by the looks of it too, probably escaping the clutches of said otter.

For this time of year it was underweight, so will it see out the depths of the winter, maybe not.

As soon as the sun came up the clear water was evident the fishing was much tougher, a couple more chublets, a few small Perch and a few missed bites it was time to head home.

My exposed pinkies and the biting wind, it was becoming a little unpleasant.


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