Friday, 6 October 2017

Warwickshire Avon – Margins and Mullocks

I haven't had a good week, butter fingers you see, well not just butter fingers, outright stupidity.

I’m not talking Ben Stokes levels of stupidity, but unusual behaviour for me.

You see, I broke the top section of the fishing rod I’d just got repaired AGAIN without even using it, broke some crockery in a holiday let we were staying in, had a candle wax accident that ruined my favourite t-shirt and then to top it off, me and Sam were playing football IN THE HOUSE !!! with a soft ball and somehow managed to knock an ornament off the mantel that was a wedding present from my sister which proceeded to take out a couple of tiles off of the hearth.

Takes a breath…

I’d don’t usually do sitting it out but it was necessary for this session.

Much needed damage limitation….

The area of can really throw up some surprises, it can throw up the unexpected. So many different species seem to like here so when a bite is received, there is added intrigue to what will eventually surface.

Now carp are known to frequent its margins and that’s what I was here, you see with my mediocrity in the bloggers challenge I needed to start crossing off the species I’ve yet to catch.

I’m on 10 crossed at the minute with maybe 6 or 7 further species that can be caught on flowing water that I need to get stuck in to.

Once I’ve made more of a species dent, then as the fish get fatter in winter that’s when I can properly target specific species to try an increase the weight of each and every one and boost the points tally.

I don’t do lakes that often, canals yes but generally only in the closed season and as someone who balances his work, fatherly duties and available fishing time very carefully trying to climb up the river leader board is about my only option.

There has been a nice nip in the air this week, so my attention from time to time will switch to the predators that swim within these Bard’s waters.

So yeap, a bit of double dipping for this quick afterwork session.

A bolt rig equipped margin rod with a big bait over some freebies and then a dead out in an area of cover where things with teeth will likely be laying up.

The session was a pretty non event to be fair, a couple of small Zander and a 6lb 8oz Pike.

The margin rod remained motionless....

Dave a friend who was elsewhere faired a little better and also had a surprise hook up with a species that you wouldn't expect where it was hooked, he lost it mind you, but very interesting indeed.

At least the sunset was decent....

Back out in the morning with the King of the Tangles.


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