Monday, 11 September 2017

Warwickshire Avon - Irma and Ichthyophiles

After 2 weeks sailing a Lagoon 440 catamaran with two other couples in the British Virgin Islands I was fishless, ok some small fish caught on bread whilst moored up at Jost Van Dyke after frequenting the soggy dollar bar and some whilst taking a dingy over to a sand bar for lunch overlooking Richard Branson’s Necker Island.

but nothing of note….

But then on route to Anegada having just left Virgin Gorda some bait fish started to jump out the water and as soon as the lure hit the disturbed surface a fish was on.

This was bending the rod like no other fish had done before, I wouldn’t say I was disappointed when it finally surfaced because it gave me utter respect for what I caught, but yeah the Tuna was pretty small.

God only know what anything half decent would feel like….

The barracuda sitting there just like Pike, the turtles, like basking carp.

So I’m hoping once Hurricane Irma has past and done its worst the people can get back on their feet again, unlike the US Virgin Islands lots of it still unspoilt, a fantastic part of the world.

Other memories, well freshly caught huge Lobster at the Big Bamboo, flamingos, rock iguanas and rare plant species like sea lavender. Horseshoe Reef with its rich marine life and shipwrecks. Mosquito and Prickly Pear Island with its isolation.

I want to go back….

Sadly my suitcase was lost on the way back which contained some souvenirs but was easily my favourite holiday.

Now talking of nothing of note, up till now on this blogger challenge hasn’t gone that well, ok quite a few species have been crossed off the list but all of relatively average size, so for this session I wanted to try and up the bream size and also maybe try and bank another species, yeap a mud sucker.

Sam was with me for this session to practice his casting so my rods would be left to sort themselves, both on alarms and bobbins, yes I know I’m a heathen, but needs must and all that.

It’s not about me, I’ve the tangle King to contend with, but like me, he is becoming a lover of all things fishy.

The problem became evident quite early on, you see the river was clear very clear and the swims where the bream and patrolling carp would likely to see were small fishless. Sam was becoming impatient with the lack of fish action so after switching swims once and fishing a couple of hours without even a bite on maggot, we were weir bound.

Luckily some fish were found and it gave same some unhooking practice

With the odd nudge on my boilie set-up it was time to head to Lucy's Mill, you see it's nice and open here so he could get some practice casting in without much to get tangled with.

Well apart from my eyebrow that is, yes somehow when de lidding the maggot box he managed to dangle the line over my head and try to cast it.

"Sam, don't move the rod, you've hooked me"

Barbless for obvious reasons, so easy to remove, but noted for future session, stay clear.

He went away relatively happy, I not so.

With some time off in lieu this week, hopefully a Barbel session, fancy a proper bend in the rod.


  1. Eye, eye.

    Get em interested young

    1. He genuinely is, very nice to see Bob, not enough kids his age fishing to be honest.


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