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Saturday 15 April 2017

Closed Season Zander Quest PT53 – Fanny Robin and the three-legged Dog

Poor little Fanny Robin is probably the biggest victim in Tomas Hardy’s ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’

Modest, frail, but proud and fair.

She comes across innocent and vulnerable, an orphan and a low-class working woman.

Doesn’t end well mind you, as when she dies she was with child.

The thing is Fanny Robin had a bit part in the novel, but just goes to show how such a small character can be so significant in the entire novel. The author wanted to highlight his concerns for the plight of working women as he was bought up in rural society himself and experienced some of the issues at the time of writing.

Now talking of characters, this stretch of canal for some reason has an extraordinary mix of people that frequents its towpath. Seriously, you really haven’t got a clue who you will stumble upon, all very weird it is too, despite being the most I walk to get away from the madding crowd, there is always someone that likes to tread the same as oneself.

No illicit encounters, 80’s throwbacks, big tyred mountain bikers, or those battling joggers nipple this morning though….

Just a three-legged dog talking a dunk, that’s dunk !!!!

Dog’s live for walks and to be honest this dog didn’t seem to be that affected by his affliction. Trauma or disease who knows but after jumping in to the canal to fetch a stick the owner had thrown in for him, he clambered out without any problem whatsoever. It does help that the path is close to the waters edge and the margins are filled with forna.

Dirty water, no doubt. I'd not want my dog in it....

An insignificant moment maybe, if it wasn’t for the fact it came upon a group of carp that were well and truly hidden if it wasn’t for this canine discovering their sanctuary.

Surface disturbed, game given away....Danny take note !!!!

There are Zander here too though and after last weekend loss of a half decent fish I was back to see if I could snare one. This area for Zander had been largely off my radar but it just goes to show, they really can turn up anywhere on this canal. Big ones are scarce as hens teeth , schoolies ten a penny. So this session was to concentrate on this area of cover, two deadbait rods leap frog style in areas of thick cover.

The beauty of over depth float fishing for Zander is any interest whatsoever is shown on the float, a Zander farting in the vicinity is shown a ripple on the surface. So enjoy the environment and leave the Zander rods to do their thing till a bite is registered.

Now the session couldn't be more different than last week, carp active, the zander not so, in-fact after covering 300 yards of thicket all I had to show for my efforts was a dropped run from a small schoolie probably.

Three boats before 7.10am, what's all that about...?

The water was hardly flat all session to my anoyance as the baits had to be repositioned frequently.

With a morning session Monday and after a Korum 3 rod quiver has turned up when I got back, maybe I'll sort a sleeper rod out for the carp.

Talking of sleeper, I've a slow roasted shoulder of pork to sort on the webber....

At least that will be 5 hours with a nice ending....

The quest is testing my resolve now I must admit, I'm sure wine can sort it.


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