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Monday 10 April 2017

Closed Season Zander Quest PT51 – Fake News

Fake News has been around for a while now, obviously in recent times Donald Trump has brought to everyone’s attention in recent times but for example but basically the term Fake News is a type of hoax or deliberate spread of misinformation….

….during the First World War one of the most notorious forms of anti-German atrocity propaganda was that of an alleged corpse factory in which the battlefield dead were rendered down for fats used to make nitroglycerin, candles, lubricants and human soap.

The unfounded rumours regarding such a factory circulated in the allied press at a time when Britain was trying to convince China to join the allied war effort, the alleged stories came from The Times and the Daily Mail but enough to ruffle everyone’s feathers and add meat to the bones of the propaganda bandwagon.

Now I’m not on Facebook but after weeks of criticism over its role in spreading fake news during and after the 2016 presidential election, Facebook recently said that it’s taking some concrete steps to halt the sharing of hoaxes on its platform, yeah right !!!!.

God knows how they plan to do that.

Anyway an Email I received last week.


“So where are you catching these big canal Zander from ?”

You can imagine my response….

And yes there was one, I didn’t just bin it….

….so with the blindfold donned, a map and pin I steered him in the right direction.

The thing is on the river as I’ve said before, in my limited experience they seem to like certain areas and stick with it and yet on the canal I could point said sluggard to a specific swim and they could fish for a week and not any fish worthy of note.

The fact it, it’s not rocket science you need a full on carpet bombing approach, fish many sessions, in many locations and eventually the persistence will play off and from the huge numbers of schoolies that exist in the Midlands canal network eventually sometime worthy of weighing will turn up.

Look at my results, there is no quick fix, there really isn’t. Hundreds of canal Zander caught, very few over 5lb, it’s tougher than I first thought.

Now Danny was after carp for this early morning session so the thought was to piggy back his swim selection not only could have a natter but also it would mean fishing areas that I don't usually fish that often. Maybe I was missing a trick.

Overnight it was nippy and 6.00am it was jacket weather but luckily the sun popped its head up and it turned out rather pleasant.

This stretch rarely sees other anglers so to our shock, there was two other present, yes TWO, one after carp and another from the 1980's Shakespeare pole fishing team.

The first Zander caught was full of spawn and the floats rarely stayed still throughout the day with 5 or 6 fished banked and similar lost. One larger fish too which was disappointing but at least it wasn't the double I'm after. Encouraging signs mind you, it really was a Zander day.

The bites were confident and the runs reminded me of Jason 'Billy Whizz' Robinson the rugby player. From a standard start to sprinting pace in a split second.

The barges were active throughout the morning, the spring sunshine paying dividends for the boaters.

The carp were not playing ball sadly, suspicious in their absence.

Now is the time for me to up my game. They are on it.


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