Saturday, 4 March 2017

Warwickshire Avon – Turmoil & Turbulence

It’s surprising just how quick circumstances change in the ‘jobbing world’ one minute working well with a client and then overnight utter turmoil within the business as a whole and I’m left wondering where the next pint of maggots might come from, but then that’s contracting and consulting for you, it’s part of the territory, it always has been and it always will be.

Anyway I’ll leave it at that….

Now turmoil isn’t good for anyone, and the fish are no different

Rivers up and down, not for them, but consistency and stability is fine whatever the level.

Temperatures changes, nah, just leave that thermostat alone thanks.

The week leading up to this short session has been wet, blustery, cold, icy and changeable, the water from steady to turbulent.

The river on the rise, flooding most likely….

Now the Chub as a species are the Custard Cream of the biscuit dunkers….

(break point in hot tea 125 seconds btw, the ginger nut a mere 22 seconds)

and if any fish would be feeding it would be this tough nut. No matter the weather, no matter the conditions they put on that winter coat, the scarf, and the gloves and just seem to get on with it.

Hazardous debris coming down river, pah, nothing to trouble us….

Bring it on !!!!

But then I thought, hang on a minute, having stumbled upon some reasonable Zander, I fancy another dabble to weasel out a bigger fish if they were there. Not only that but I’d caught a couple of Chub that took a liking to the sections of roach I’d been fishing with.

But then best laid plans and all that because last minute the area I wanted to fish wasn't available to me so it was plan B.

Plan B was to go the bottom of the stretch and fish a few swims till I found the fish.

And there appeared to be none. A big fat blank, I'm not used to that recently.

A smelly bait on one, dead on the other, not even a nibble, battle or a tap over 4 swims.

The water was incredibly cold and debris a pain in the proverbials, Dave had caught a Barbel further upstream the afternoon before so maybe with the river on the rise and an influx of cold water the fish were not up for it.

Hmmm, with the end of the season nearly upon us and the weather hopefully going milder, it might have to be out with the big guns, the tried and trusted.

Now where did I put that spam.


  1. Work can kick you in the teeth sometimes. But as you know the good ones in any field will always find work. Good luck with it mate. The river will be back on form before too long, so plenty of time left for that 13lb fish with your name on it to pick your bait up. It will happen, keep plugging away and it will turn up.

    1. I just need to stop flitting about and give them a proper go.


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