Monday, 6 March 2017

Canal Zander – There Are Monsters

I can usually tell now from the clarity of the water what the fishing will be like. I had 2 and a half hours and that was it, luckily it does take me long to drive to many stretches of canal, this canal I’d fished before but not in this particular area.

It’s not a long stretch but over a couple of hundred yards there is plenty of feature, very unlike the norm down here. Reeds either side, even large overhanging trees dropping in the water.

Now when arriving at the water as it was clear, very clear indeed with the bottom of the shallow area easily visible.

Hmmm, not good….

That’s the problem with little boat traffic, Canal Zander like it mucky and then they are more active and you can find them anywhere. So the deeper area would likely hold some fish, as would be the cover so with a couple of deadbait set-ups, it was seek and I shall find.

After an hour without even a nibble the heavens opened and even with the Poncho donned the icy cold rain was starting to grate on me. Not only was the float being battered about but I was too. I needed to seek some shelter.

The bridge will have to do….

Baits refreshed, and back out, look and wait. The lure rod would have been the far better choice thinking about it, but this Zander quest dead seems to sort the men from the boys.

When it’s clear I like to nudge my baits occasionally as sometimes if there is a fish sitting tight then it sometimes twigs their predatory instinct.

With the right-hand rod tight to the support, I nudged it a couple of times and it settled a foot away from. Then within seconds, it’s on the move, from right to left and the float is sailing under. Rod lifted I’m in to a decent fish. It’s powered off down the stretch but with pressure applied I’ve turned the fish.

I can see it fully now, it’s a big Zander, flanks in full view this is a lunker, problem is I can see the bait within its jaws and it’s shaking its head.

I’m waiting for the inevitable,yeap 4 or 5 shakes later, it’s seen me, about turn it, jaws open, it goes back to its lair, I’m cursing and wondering what might have been.

Sometimes put the bait back out in the same spot and the fish will have another go.

Sadly not this one, encouraging signs for the closed season mind you.

I’ll be back….


  1. As soon as they start to head shake it's often curtains.....

  2. The hook in it's mouth would help, sadly not the case with this one :(

  3. whoa, tough luck Mick, think it was a double? - (JW)

    1. Difficult to tell with these zander, certainly looked a good fish.


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