Sunday, 7 February 2016

Warwickshire Avon – Steady Eddy

A change of tactics for this trip to the Warwickshire Avon, and another introductory session at Lucy’s Mill. I had planned to use up a gallon of red maggots as they were getting past their best, but as per usual with the wet and windy weather predicted that plan was short-lived . I intended to fish a feeder full of the ammonia oozing wrigglers with a couple on the size 16 hook tied to a short hook-length, which is secured to the line helicopter style.

It’s a great set-up this, and from time to time when the fish are on the feed the tip has barely time to settle before it’s on the move again. Most of the time it’s a self-hooking set-up, you just need to make sure the hook is properly sharp and wait till the tip properly bends round.

However difficult when sat under ones umbrella...clinging to the guy ropes....

The currents in weir pools are complex and have to be understood and if such areas are to be fished successfully. Lucy’s Mill has two weirs and over a couple or three hundred yards a water with hugely differing currents, depths and bed.

I’m a novice here, so be patient….

The session was originally planned as a game of two halves, the first port of call for the initial drowning of the stinky maggots was in and amongst the food carrying large static(ish) eddy which is the result of the downstream weir. Then then I’d move and fish the second swim which would be at the tail end of the ‘dead arm’ which is located in-between the two weirs before it hits the turbulent water. I’d had a look-see here over Christmas and even when the river is in flood with the water lapping midway up the benches it appears to be perfectly fishable and a likely spot for those that prefer it a little calmer Pike and Perch, Silver Bream and Tench (apparently there are some here)

I found a nice shelf here last time so for this session the small pike float equipped sleeper rod would be four meters or so out with a small deadbait fished over depth just on the edge of the drop-off to try and pick up a patrolling Zander.

So all that was very well but it was travel light and out with plan B.....

The deadbait remained but it was presented on a light running set-up and the maggot feeder set-up was replaced with a light lure rod.

Now little did I realise the rain that started overnight and continued for the whole day would cause so many problems. The Wife and I had been at Cheal's of Henley for the evening and it had more or less shut Wootton Wawen off when we returned, the Stour hovering around 0.6 metres had increased to well over 2 metres.

Now I needed my fishing fix but at one point the rain was that heavy no matter how waterproof my trousers were they were penetrating the fabric, not particularly pleasant I must say.

I managed a Perch fairly quickly and a Pike of around 7lb on the chunk of Roach but luckily for me it wasn't a Zander as it subsequently made a bit for freedom when I was sorting the camera out and it flipped itself back in to the river.

Over the 4 wet hours in plenty of swims with a nice colour to the water, the fishing was disappointing maybe as I had the place to myself others know something I don't. With more rain on the way I'm fast running out of time, I may try a later session in to dusk to see if that gives me better results but the rivers may well be out of action.

Fingers need to get on to Ebay, I need a Poncho.

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  1. You caught a couple of fish, so it's not all bad. Rain can really make it harder, huh? But can a poncho really help you during this type of weather though? Lol.


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