Monday 15 February 2016

Warwickshire Avon – Brass Monkeys

I knew the session would be difficult when the cars roof was covered in ice, but as someone who needs their weekly fishing fix I had to get bankside. The skies had been clear overnight and the temperature had plunged to well under zero. I had initially thought about sitting it out with a maggot feeder set-up with maybe some lobworms and then have a sleeper rod out for a Pike or Zander but I’d need to do some roving to stay warm.

Lucy’s Mill had dropped significantly during the week because it had been up to the benches at one point. The feeder rod was dumped and out came my light jig rod, but I’d stick with the sleeper. Despite leaving a deadbait in 4 or 5 swims for ½ an hour or so, not even a touch and the lure was also ignored, it looked a nice clarity too and the levels just about right. The sun was out too so maybe being sat in on place wouldn’t have been out of the question but then in the shaded swim, the cold crept in pretty fast.

The vitamin D seekers and dog walkers started to come out in numbers and the footbridge had constant foot traffic and at some point even looked congested so I up sticks and ventured downstream to swims I’d not fished before. There is a nice piece of slack water opposite a small sausage shaped island but again the deadbait was ignored and the lure unhindered.

Past the turbulent weir it gets interesting so it more nice to have an explore even though the fishing was pants. A decided to give a lovely looking slack the last hour as it looked ideal for Pike, sheltered from the main flow and plenty of cover, it was just a matter of waiting for a bite, anyway….

bugger all….as I returned to the car a couple of Pike anglers hadn't a touch either.

Lesson learnt, I should have stayed at home nestled in the Wife’s warm and comforting bosom. Then again, fishing shouldn't be easy should it. Come the longer days in the new season I'm planning on some dusk fishing for Zander.


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