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Saturday 2 January 2016

Stratford-Upon-Avon Canal - Mucky Waters

What a contrast to the Grand Union I fished earlier in the week, this was proper chocolate brown, overcast and not particularly pleasant as the cold wind was giving it some. The clarity was such that even with a bright green lure it could only be seen a couple of inches down.

I wanted to fish a series of locks that I'd not fished before. Other areas of this canal I fish the hotspots are the overflow at the lock mouth and its oxygenated waters.

It was predicted to be peeing it down all day so I only took my lure rod for a bit of roving so could shelter from the worst of it was an when required.

Firetiger, my favourite colour didn't do it today.
No need....

Now I've caught Zander in the dirtiest of water but deadbait seems to be King, so I should have also brought some deadbait as it was a mere sprinkle for the three hours I was out, now after one fishing in and around these series of locks without even a nibble I returned from where I came.

I swopped to a clown coloured lure and this showed up far better, it was white and yellow and gave just that little more visibility in the overly coloured water. The first swim I originally fished eventually produced a 3lb Zander which after a couple of casts nailed the lure and give it a proper clonking.

Not a blank but next time I'll go better prepared, certainly the swims look ideal with plenty of potential.

With bladderation off the cards for me for the whole of January to give my liver a well deserved rest and my waist line an opportunity to shrink I'm hoping to get out on the bank as much as possible. We just need some proper cold weather to improve the clarity of the rivers as I'm desperate to go and try and catch Pike Tyson.

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  1. Fair play Mick for sticking to it, I'd have seen that and jumped back in the motor!, let's hope it all clears up soon. Tight Lines mate.


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