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Tuesday 29 December 2015

Grand Union Zander - A Surfeit of Lampreys

With the local rivers out of sorts and providing difficult fishing I decided to seek some relative sanctuary and venture to a section of the Grand Union that Zander frequent to see if they are partial to a section of lamprey.

A lamprey bleeds more than a bladderated warfarin user with a head wound,so would they like the weird looking jawless Petromyzontiforme more than they would a headless Roach?

I've caught hundreds of Zander, this was a mere experiment and to keep the interest up and to provide knowledge going in to another cut double closed season quest that I enjoyed so much last time.

On the float rig I scaled down to a much smaller hook than I usually use, on the main rod a simple running rig with a tried and trusted bass hook.

Now King Henry loved a Lamprey pie, sadly it eventually led to his downfall, overindulgence, food poisoning or a post meal wafer thin mint, who knows but in 1135 the 67 year old popped his clogs after being advised against easting them by his physicians. Anyway, if you fancy a bash.
Take your Lamprey and gut him, and take away the black string in the back, wash him very well, and dry him, and season him with Nutmeg, Pepper and Salt, then lay him into your Pie in pieces with Butter in the bottom, and some Shallots and Bay Leaves and more Butter, so close it and bake it, and fill it up with melted Butter, and keep it cold, and serve it in with some Mustard and Sugar.
Would the Zander also be partial to this bleeding morsel dunked within the cuts murky depths....

Before the sun came up strong against the clear blue sky and the swim went dead I had 7 Zander, not bad for a couple hours, the bass hook hooked in the scissors as expected the smaller Dragon hook, not so, all but one fish were hooked a little down the throat, I crushed the barb so not too bad to remove, but not ideal.

Incidentally no lost fish....

The biggest went 3lb 13oz, not huge but a welcome change and the Lamprey worked wonders. I'll definitely use it again.

On the drive back home I stopped off at the lure banker swim and sure enough after a few casts, a small angry Zander grabbed the small lure.

Got to love the Zander, as a predator, right up there with the best of them..


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