Monday, 23 November 2015

Zedvember 2015 - Cold Hands and Cystoscopies

A cracking turnout from the bloggers for Zedvember and Jeff Hatt's Birthday which is the 24th. I knew it was going to be difficult as conditions were not favorable as the fish hadn't had time to adjust to the sudden drop in temperatures and the water clarity was also very clear. Sure enough there were hardly any fish banked despite the amount of rods in the water. I've caught plenty of Zander so I see these events more of a social and a catch up with fellow bloggers (or fellow weirdos says the Wife)

Jeff Hatt - Idlers Quest
Russell Hilton - Tales From The Towpath
James Denison - James' Angling Adventures
Brian Roberts - Pike Blog
Ben Hennessy - Ben Hennessy's Blog
Danny Everitt - The Lure of Angling
Keith Jobling - Warwickshire Avon
Lee Fletcher - This Angling Life
George Burton & Son - Float, Flight and Flannel

The rod was out more than in, (I'm not recalling those that were party to the cock hole story btw), I meant my fishing rod. Sadly my float with a deadbait under remained motionless. I even ventured on my own to the Coventry part of the cut without even a crayfish nudge.

Was good to meet those I hadn't before and enjoyed the usual banter. Russell had a PB, Brian had a nice double figure pike on the lure and James his first cut Zander.

After a pint at the Greyhound's Inn smoking shelter (It was rammed) I returned home to this cockle warming fire, it was a cold day, it really was.


  1. Unlucky on the Zander front Mick, hopefully you'll be more successful come our trip to the Itchen.

    1. That's what I'm hoping, having caught plenty of Zander and not even caught let alone seen a Grayling or a decent Roach for that matter, that's where my mind was :)

  2. Mick, it was a pleasure to meet you and the others. We should have these kind of meets more frequently, or at least not solely when it's freezin bloody cold!

    1. Likewise Russell and hopefully many more meet ups to come.


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