Monday 9 November 2015

Warwickshire Avon - The Flesh Eater

With some colour in the water I wanted to fish the weir pool slacks for Zander, I should have checked the EA levels though as it was like a raging torrent with the weir not even visible under the white water.Half an hour spent with a fire tiger lure produced sweet Fanny Adams. I had contemplated going back home to get my Barbel gear but with limited time I decided to move downstream to a swim that luckily whatever the pace of the river it’s always pedestrian.

I positioned a roach deadbait in and amongst the swim and within a few minutes I was getting little taps on the rod…nothing to strike at but then when I retrieved the bait half of the roach was missing and it’s flesh stripped.This happened for the rest of the session till I left with one’s tail firmly between one’s legs..

I can only assume crayfish…, there isn’t any other explanation, or is there..?


  1. I did exactly the same Mick. "oh the river should have a nice bit of colour, I know I'll go zander fishing" then when I got to the hopyards the water was level with the platforms and raging.
    That bait getting stripped is odd! I've never heard of confirmed crayfish populations on the Avon, but they are in loads of intersecting waterways that do have them so it's perfectly possible. Strangely it might have been other fish picking at it. I have seen that happen in fish tanks when one fish dies and it's mate pick it to bits really quickly.

    1. Danny, I've caught one from the weir just upstream but considering the amount of time I've spent on the Avon it was the only one I caught so I don't think they are prolific which is encouraging but it really was a weird morning, I'm sure the amount of times I struck after a pluck if it was a crayfish at least one would be hanging off the bait, but nothing. I might go back when I get a chance to see of the same thing will happen again. Talking of Zander I'm planning a trip to the mill when I get a chance, likely to be Dec / Jan though, give me a shout if you fancy joining me.


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