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Sunday 13 July 2014

Make Hay...

Short and sweet this one as I've a stupidly busy weekend. I had a cracking morning down the Avon, only a quick session with pellets and lobworms as bait but 10 or so Chub and some decent Perch too biggest 1lb 7oz. Low and gin clear so in some swims you could spot the fish but the bigger Chub came from a swim that was deeper and a bit more secluded.

The biggest Chub went 3lb 14oz, long, lean and hollow so come winter time I'd have said easily a 5lber.

The amount of small fish in some of the swims was staggering, as soon as the feeder entered the water and scattered it's contents, the huge shoal went in to a feeding frenzy. A pike also took a liking to the pellets on the retrieve but dropped the bait went it felt resistance. A nice start to the season as their are plenty of fish to be had. Also some of the Chub bites were Barbel like, savage and powerful. I'm really enjoying my fishing at the minute. I left around 11.00am as the sun was beating down


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