Thursday, 31 July 2014

A wise tail...

I caught the same Chub three times yesterday evening, the distinctive tail pattern was easy to spot but
weirdly around an hour apart for each capture and on three different baits. 1st a maggot medusa , 2nd a couple of superglued pellets and thirdly a big Barbel hybrid bait from Bait-tech. 

The long hair seemed to put off the majority of the Chub but not this one, it seemed determined to get caught. So Mr Chub can you have a word with your friends and family and get them to teach you the why’s and wares to avoiding getting caught, and whilst you’re doing that can you also have a word with Mr Barbel and let him know that when it’s dusk you are allowed to feed.

Not ideal conditions for Barbel I know but apart from exploring a new section of river the second rod was a maggot feeder which luckily provided much evening entertainment.  Can we have some rain please.


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