Monday, 28 April 2014

A chance glimpse of the jotter...

I didn't fancy venturing too far Saturday morning, A belly full of South Indian Garlic Chilli chicken and various liquid beverages the night before my insides needed to be treated with kid gloves. I was in two minds two minds whether to go or not, I felt as rough as a badgers ****.

So a particular stretch on the Grand Union Canal was ideal, predators in residence and with my car in view from the bottom of the lock where I was fishing, for any bubbly belly repercussions I could make a quick exit. I had a sleeper rod out with a small roach deadbait and as I only planned to fish for a couple of hours I had my lure rod with me and a solitary Savage Gear 4play shad. In hindsight just one lure was asking for trouble considering the huge amount of snags to be found in the cut.

Anyway to the fishing with my first cast I hooked in to a fish, only a small schoolie but a nice start to the morning. Maybe the Gods were looking over me as my luck continued as a couple of very attractive girls who were walking their dog along the tow path, decided to use the lock paddles above me to pass from one side of the canal to the other. Luck you say, well yes because one of the girls was wearing a skirt so short there was every chance of a glimpse of the forbidden,being a betting man to be honest it was a dead cert. I'm a male, it's in my make-up. A few pleasantries were exchanged and upon passing with her topography in full view my day wouldn't get better surely ?

Well nearly, but not quite. No big fish were landed but there was certainly plenty of them. I've fished this swim a few times now and never had a Perch but the next 8 or 9 fish landed were half decent stripeys that were shoaled up by a calm area of water near an overflow. 2 more small Zander later in 2.5 hours of fishing I had a pretty good return.

This week, well I'm planning to venture out one evening for Zander again but I'm also planning to try for a big crucian and if it's warm maybe some tenkara fly fishing for Roach.

It's always nice to meet a fellow Blogger on the bank and during a relatively unproductive trip to a local reservoir last week I bumped in to Danny Hale of Good to see you Sir.

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  1. Good to meet you too Mick, I may have to have a dabble down on the canal there, the scenery sounds great !


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