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Tuesday 27 August 2013

Wychavon Championship - Evesham Fishing Festival

I popped down to the Evesham's Crown Meadow on Sunday for a nose around. The tackle bargains on sale were nothing to write home about but some good match fishing on if you like that sort of thing, there was a big selection of beers and ciders on tap too.

A good mate of mine Micky Arthur's brother was fishing the match, the well regarded Jon Arthur of pole fishing magazine. Had a quick chat whilst he was setting up before going for a egg and bacon batch and a pint of Wychwood Thrasher.

I didn't stay around for the whole match but whilst I was watching Jon, Jeff Spiers a local angler had hooked in to a barbel from the peg down. He took a long time to get it in, but then it could have been the match winner and a 3k fish.

You're a bit limited to what you can do on a pole set-up I suppose, top skills though as it was a good'un and might have even crept in to double figures. I'm not a fan of keeping big barbel in keepnets to be honest but then I'm up on match fishing, maybe they should weigh them when caught rather than keeping them a net for 5 hours. At least the angler gave the fish plenty of time to recover in the landing net.

Jon had a late Barbel and ended up winning the match, shame I had left by then. Nice one Jon.

  1. Jon Arthur (Pole Fishing Magazine) 11-15-0 (peg 11)
  2. Sean Riedy (WB Clarke) 11-10-0 (peg 44)
  3. Jeff Spiers (Evesham Bait Box) 11-3-0 (peg 10)
Match Fishing Magazine


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