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Wednesday 14 August 2013

Foul hooked failure....

I fished the Avon Brook Sunday but my SD card decided to give up the ghost, nothing that I could do would bring it back to life and retrieve the pictures, looks like the internal chip cracked probably down to old age. Luckily I use this blog to upload my pictures so only a days fishing lost. Nothing to write home about but I had a small Pike of around 4lb on a small firetiger shad and also a Chub.

I bumped in to Daniel Everitt from http://thelureofangling.blogspot.co.uk/ who was having a mooch about as as the river was low and gin clear, ideal conditions to see what features the river hides when the water is higher. I spotted quite a few Barbel when roving about but none graced my hook. They were making the most of the cover available and most of the swims were suicidal because of the snags.

Anyway, I haven't been to Snitterfield reservoir for a while but the search for a decent crucian continues, I've had a 2lber so far this year and and I know there are bigger ones in here.

I couldn't believe how low it was when I got to my swim, not many fish moving either. 2 pronged attack, a float fished soft pellet lift style and also a method feeder on the sleeper rod and alternating between small sbs corn boilies and fake caster.

The problem with Snitterfield reservoir when targeting the crucians is the king carp, they are plentiful here and especially active of an evening when patrol the margins. The first run I had on the method feeder was indeed a decent carp but the tackle and size 14 hook wasn't a match for it. One tip if you after the carp here, fish an evening and fish a bait over a few freebies about a metre out or so and away from the snags. No sign of crucians for the first couple of hours, quite a few bream and the odd small tench, it was only the last hours when a couple of ickle ones jumping out the water signaled some in my swim.

I managed 2 small crucians and then all went quiet. I was starting to pack up and the float lifted right out of the water and I struck in to something half decent. It felt like a tench at first but then there was a flash of gold, unmistakably a crucian, and a good'un too. 

Problem was it wasn't hooked in the mouth, it was foul hooked in the flank. It was heading towards the lilies so I had no option to apply a little more side strain and sadly the inevitable happened the hook lost it's hold. Damn, looked a proper one and would probably have beaten my PB. That's fishing for you though, don't want it too easy, that's part of the appeal, the one that got away.

I've got to entertain the kids for the whole weekend whilst the Wife is at a spa weekend with her sister, so I've a morning session planned for Friday.


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