Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Warwickshire Arrow...a new venue

This morning I popped to the Barbel Society Show in Kenilworth, some famous angling faces in attendance and a chance to pick up a few bits and pieces for the new season and listen to the speeches  from the pro's.

I also wanted to have a butchers at the Lone Anglers trade stand as their landing net pole looked an ideal replacement for my Drennan twist jobby as it can be a pain in the backside to operate sometimes. I always travel light for my river roving approach and sadly it was a bit too heavy for me, shame as the sturdy extension lever was a joy to operate. I bought some of their sausage sizzle squab baits though, they look and smell ideal for Barbel.

This new season I've managed to get myself on a private stretch of the Warwickshire Arrow so before enjoying the beer garden with the Wife and kids we popped and had a butchers.  15 minutes from home and another small river I'm looking to explore.

The lack of recent rain meant it was shallow and in most places I could see bottom but with a bit more water in it, it's ideal. Although I like meeting up with friends to go fishing, for me I prefer fishing on my tod, not sure why but I do. The Wife thinks I'm weird but then I probably am.

The Arrow joins the Avon not far from here so all species are present including double figure Barbel. It's off the beaten track so for me ideal as I like to fish away from the masses and travel light, just a net, rod and rucksack and the Warwickshire countryside.


  1. Mick,

    Your not alone,I'm also weird.Yep it's nice to meet up with friends.But I much prefer to fish on my own.You can pick and choose,do what you want to do.

    Enjoy your season ;-0

  2. Cheers Monty, I'm looking forward to the new season.


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