Saturday 8 June 2013

Shepherds Delight...

Had a few hours at the reservoir to try and better the 2lb Crucian I caught recently. 2 rod approach today, a small cube of meat on the float and a mini bolt-rig set-up on the sleeper rod with corn boilie on the quickstop and scalded pellets around the small lead.

The first run on the sleeper rod was a mint Roach that just went over the 1lb mark, 1lb 1oz and the second fish was a Tench of exactly the same size.

Where were the crucians today ? I caught a few hybrids and bream on both float and lead with the biggest 3lb or so.  The surface was alive with fish, insects and the margins were full of fry and there were small crucians launching themselves out the water but sadly none graced my hook.  I tried some soft pellets but again they were hoovered up by the hybrids and bream. The crucians were there, the float told me that, small bits of worm directly on the hook have worked well in the past so I might have one more evening session next week before a lads trip to Ibiza the weekend.

Some quality fish in the reservoir, a venue that keeps me going back. I left at 10.00pm and this was the sky I was greeted with. I love evening fishing in the summer months, a four foot twitch from a Barbel with the rod pointing at that sky, there is nothing like it.


  1. Mick, on Friday when out with Martin they were jumping as well. He managed to hook quite a few but despite them virtually leaping over my rod, I didn't.
    Must get down to Snitterfield soon.

  2. I'm out again tomorrow David for a last gasp attempt of catching a decent one, hopefully the greedy bream will be elsewhere. Great venue though.


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