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Monday 22 April 2013

College Pool Wasperton - 21.04.13

What a stunning morning, cold but with the sun out and College Pool flat calm there is nowhere locally I'd rather be in the close season.

For those that have fished it before will know it contains some of the hardest fighting pound for pound you are ever likely to come across. It has big bream, Chub and the odd Barbel and big Perch within it's depths.

From one of Sean's posts lots of the pegs are unfishable as it's flooded and over it's banks, the same again today. I cannot see where the water will go either. I was the first angler to arrive and I settled at a swim at the far end of the pool. I had a sleeper rod out for the carp and planned to fish the margins with a centrepin and float set-up, with worm as hook bait. The float was the small drennan glow tip antenna which is ultra sensitive, you can literally see the worm movement on the float and a couple of number 8 shot will take it from well above the water to below the water.

No runs on the sleeper rod but the float and worm was getting attention all morning. Lots of small Perch and Roach and I missed countless bites, but managed a nice Tench and Roach both around the 1lb mark. The Baliff who set-up opposite me managed a nice bream on 10mm pop-ups just before I left, a slowish few hours but the fish were moving which is an encouraging sign.


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