Wednesday 15 November 2023

Warwickshire Avon - Raves and Ravanastrons

Now Nic has a DJI-Mini 2 drone which for the money looks a cracking bit of kit having seen it being operated and also, not only how controllable it is, but also just how good some of the drone shots are. 

Black Friday or January Sale maybe ?

I'm clumsy though, very clumsy and despite Nic saying "It has sensors in the bottom so you wont be able to crash it into the ground" I'd probably find a way !!! £300 nicker btw, hmmmmmm maybe I'll think about it once Christmas has been and gone !!!

Anyway this is Nic above sat in the swim where I've done well in recently and he like me had caught some nice chub(s). When the river is banging thorough those swims are limited and you can often locate those areas where the chub will likely to be laying up quite easily, this is one of those !!

Some fishing would be a welcome tonic with the tinnitus kicked in big time after a few days of partying, where countless old ravers like myself were living the bygone years, sadly albeit temporarily.

Can you spot him ?

I had a teapot (yes really) to give to Fat Boy Slim to add to his worlds biggest collection of 'smilies' and I pulled a few strings to hand it over whilst some of mates were on the site somewhere wondering where the heck I'd gone. 

I was probably the most compos mentis I was over the weekend, but then it was only 1.00pm on the 2nd day after all. !! ๐Ÿ˜don't worry there was plenty of time for it to get messy !!

But yes the body was wondering what the hell was going on after a rather full on weekend. 

Fishing is the perfect tonic though isn't it !! because with bass loud enough to get the local military wondering if they might be called in to another war in these troubling times some solitude works wonders. 

A total contrast I suppose, but I think you need to do something different from time to time, those days are motoring by at my age I must admit, got try and keep young I say, but then looking in the mirror it tells a different story.

Sadly it was straight back in to work where the fishing time for me is limited during the week where the odd hour or two is about all I can muster up. 

But these short sessions are perfect because often a bite can come quick in these conditions as the fish are less mobile because who wants sit where you are likely to get knocked for six by the debris coming down. Like I mentioned those swims where the fish are likely to be sitting reveal themselves in these conditions. 

Talking of which Nic, thankfully removed a huge branch from the banker swim, when he got snagged up. I actually knew where it was having saw it when it was low and clear. Well I assume it was the same branch but it was one of the reasons I used a link ledger rather than a feeder, because of the potential of getting it snagged up. 

I did think about a barbel session on Friday but with lots of more rain on the way and cold rain at that, I'm not sure waiting for a bite behind a chunk of meat is worth even trying, the outcome might have already been realised. We will see anyway, fingers crossed it's not as bad as predicted. 

Anyway this is about the only fishable area on the whole stretch unless you want to chuck out a 4/5oz lead with some luncheon meat on. 

It didn't take long for the first bite thankfully, then the second, then the third then the forth which I all missed 


"He's having your pants down" 

My thinking was not having changed the hooklink after a few big chub the 3D printed Depth Bomb had crept further away from the hair and they were removing it the last dregs of ice-cream from a stick.

I had the last laugh though as the 5th bite the fish had got too cocky and it slipped up this time, as I hooked in to something solid when the bite started all tentative and then properly pulled round. Not the fight I expected from a Warwickshire Avon chub especially when it weighed 4lb and 9oz.

It gave an initial powerful run leaving me to slacken off the clutch but after that it came in with hardly any drama. Not a bad fish and quite distinctive with a chunk out it's flank. And that was that, no more bites despite fishing it for another forty minutes or so. 

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