Monday 3 July 2023

Warwickshire Avon - Bantlings and Blennophobia

Chock full of weed this little marina holds lots of small fish that swim amongst its almost static waters. To entertain a kid bites is key so for this short session Sam and I had a little dabble.

He had his acolyte whip and a float rod I had a carp rod just in-case a river carp was spotted. Probably a fruitless task but this is the sort of habitat they like isn't it.

It's gin clear here as well but keep pinging out those maggots eventually the fish will find the bait, and this is where fishing light is the key because they can be tackle shy when it's a clear as this.

It took a while to get the first bite but then when the fish turned up it was a bit a chuck it really was. It's the Rudd here that keeps us coming back because I rarely catch them on other stretches I fish, where as here they are in good numbers. 

Often when those bites dry up it's because the perch have moved in and we caught quite a few of those in this short session too. 

Predominately rudd were caught with Sam catching the biggest fish of the day on his whip which was a nice chunky roach. A small silver bream and the odd bleak this place is a pikes dream, because there are bait fish in numbers. This selection below caught in about 45 minutes or so ....

If you want a float to dip, this is one of those places that can provide that. I fancy coming back myself with a more selective set-up and fish for one of the resident tench. 

We spotted some fizzing in one of the swims and it definitely looked like a tinca was feeding in anger. The carp rod wasn't needed sadly but Sam came away happy because not only did he have plenty of bites, but yet again he caught the biggest fish too. 


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