Wednesday 28 June 2023

The Tiny River Alne - Zombies and Zoogyroscopes

Now if you didn't know Shudder is an American over-the-top subscription video on demand service featuring horror, thriller and supernatural fiction titles, owned and operated by AMC Networks. The streaming service offers original films and TV series like Creepshow, inspired by the 1982 movie of the same name directed by George A. Romero.

A zombie movie set in a plastic surgery hospital practically writes itself, and that's supposed to be the charm of "Yummy." What's it about? Just check the poster tagline—"facelifts, boob jobs, and zombies." 

The script, from director Lars Damoiseaux and Eveline Hagenbeek, certainly involves topless zombies, an enlarged penis meeting, an over-the-top doom, and plenty of bodies getting ripped to shreds. 

But “Yummy” has very little to say ever about how people want to change their bodies aside from pointing out that it's a thing, while the other half of its very small brain still wants to leer anyway. 

It can't offer any wit to its tiresome cynicism and horniness, and all of its body parts, zombies, and forgettable characters are treated as wholesale. I mean come on what do you expect movie reviewers, it's a comedy zombie movie. 🙈🤣 An hour and a half long, brain out entertainment with one of the funniest scenes I've seen in a comedy movie, it was that funny I rewound it and watched again, and laughed just as much.

Anyway talk about brain out entertainment with an a two hour window to go fishing the only viable choice was the river alne a short distance away. Two minutes to get the lure rod and bag sorted, 5 mins in the car jobs a good'un.

When it's low and clear like this a shallow running lure can often get the predatory fish such as trout, perch and chub up for a smash and grab.

The tiny Salmo minnow is perfect for the conditions as it dives a foot or so under the water and you can still see it perfectly in the clear conditions.  

Such a simple method of fishing and these small rivers are perfect to get a few bites even though the fish may not be that big. Over the years a 4lb chub and 2lb trout are about the biggest I've managed but I've lost bigger trout and that's why I keep on coming back, well there is the fact it's so handy and 99 times out of 100 it's just me fishing it.

There are some deeper areas of this river but I like the shallow areas where I can get in to the river and get in to those nooks and crannies' and the darker areas where the fish hold up.

A few trout and a couple of  baby ones succumbed to the lure and then out of the blue a small perch that grabbed the lure literally right by my feet. It's the fact I'm in complete solitude and left to my own devices in a river that defines me as an angler is hard to fault. 

 In the last deeper swim where I'm elevated a couple of flashes where a trout has swiped at the lure out of the blue a bigger one turns up and grabs the lure confidently, realises he's hooked and almost in suspended motion wriggles like a good un, where I try and set the hook, it wriggles again and this time gets free Damn It !!!. 

Not one of the bigger ones that I've also lost here, but probably a 2lber and a fish I certainly like to land, oh well another day. That fishing fix sorted, what's not to like !!!


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