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Saturday 16 October 2021

Warwichshire Avon - Quacksalvers and Quadragenarians

A shared passion is hard to beat especially when the journey to the Warwickshire Avon the music was blasting with Sam nodding his head to the beat of one of Carl Cox's latest techno uploads.

The stereo system now transformed beyond the ability of the electrical engineers at Suzuki where I'm sure given the opportunity they would fall short. It's all about the bass, the bass I tell you. 

To be honest I knew this session wouldn't be brilliant with the Avon being so clear but Sm was keen to get out and sometimes a father and son bonding session doesn't have to go to plan now does it.

Bites were hard to come by from fish bigger than a minnow anyway. There were millions of the buggers all queuing up to get their mouths around the grubs. In one of the swims just a lift of the maggotless hook would often foul hook one of the greedy miniature maggot grabbers.

Sam was quite happy with that action to be fair where I was looking for fish more worthy of a landing net. I had a chunk of roach on a deadbait rod out in each swim we visited.

For the first hour all the action can from the minnows though with other fish failing to show really. The Avon is back to being crystal clear again and we could see the bottom in almost all swims. 

The last swim though the first drop of the his crystal float bought an instant bite and he was in to a small roach. Sadly it dropped off when he was swinging it in, but to be honest he was quite happy back to catching minnows again. 

I put the deadbait out to out left where I had to move the grippa stop up the line because it was much deeper here. Still only 7 foot or so but enough for a predator to do what they do best and tuck themselves out of harms way ready to pounce. 

The float was off within ten minutes or so and the culprit was a small jack pike that had taken a liking to the section of roach.

Sam did the honours in landing it and after unhooking it he returned it to where it has come from. Only a short session and not much action but still, its not all about catching fish but the chance to spend one to one time with the likeminded and a chip off the old block. 


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