Sunday, 26 September 2021

Warwickshire Avon - Panic Buyers and Perspectography

Two petrol stations passed, two long queues, I've better things to do and that is what defines me and many other anglers. You see the hunting style of angling which I love can be used on any waters really but is most effective in smaller rivers and streams in which chub can often be seen, poised darkly in the glass-clear water. 

It is not a form of angling requiring infinite patience or the use of enormous quantities of groundbait. Rather is the accent on mobility and the careful fishing of every likely spot with one selected bait. 

Success depends much upon an intimate knowledge of the river and of the times when chub are most likely to be found in open water, the ability to select the most suitable bait for the occasion, and, above all, upon a stealthy and unobserved approach. 

Low clear water and brilliant sunshine, conditions which many anglers regard as hopeless, are not always so adverse as is generally supposed since the chub are more easily seen and pin-point accuracy in presentation of the bait can be more easily achieved. 

Bearing in mind the need for a well concealed approach, it is best to start fishing at the downstream end of the fishery and to work gradually and carefully upstream, though opportunities to present the bait downstream or even under the rod tip do sometimes occur and should certainly not be neglected. 

As a general rule it is better to cover a small amount of water thoroughly than to attempt to cover too much carelessly. 

Over-grown rivers and streams which twist and turn and offer a constantly changing variety of swims provide the most fascinating fishing but also demand greater concentration and slower progress than the bigger more open rivers. 

When the hunting style is used the bait is tossed or lowered to the chub and little or no weight is used. It is one of the simplest styles of angling but, properly executed, one of the most effective. 

Now the chub down this particular stretch really have gotten really cautious over floating bread and it is more miss than hit. When they are up for it they lose all their cautiousness and can feed quite readily but those events are very few and far between.

This is when I like to mix it up a bit and these little Salmo Bug lures really are a cracking lure to use.

They are quite weighty you see and a little discrete underarm cast sees the lure floating down the rivers in places where you'd be hard pushed to get a piece of bread. You have more control basically and there isn't the issue of the bread falling off for starters.

To cut a long story short I caught two chub and lost one the biggest going 4lb and 3 ounces and a fantastic scrap with light tackle. They are starting to pack on the weight as well and I cannot wait for winter when they are at their biggest. I've not fished any local known big Chub spots yet but I will wait for better conditions for when I target those in anger. 


  1. I’ve got to get some of those little bugs - do they still work in winter?

  2. They certainly do Brian as long as its clear(ish)


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