Friday, 16 July 2021

Warwickshire Avon - Dacnomania and Dactylomegaly

When attempting to try and get kids interested in fishing bites are the key to keep them interested and to try and maintain their attention span. This area of the Warwickshire Avon is full of bait fish and is great for that, there are rudd and bleak shoals here predominately but also because it's almost like a stillwater, bream, and even tench.

I've taken Sam fishing with me when he was four years old and 6 years as an angler he still needs those bites forthcoming because otherwise he will be looking at the next tree to climb or the biggest stick he can find.

He is turning in to a pretty decent little angler now though and casting which was an issue at first now isn't an issue and lure fishing for example he can be largely left to his own devices, well if the body of water is large enough I suppose, big rivers and canals are perfect.    

Now Nic had joined with his youngest daughter Jasmine because well she is just starting out on her angling journey and during this short session I had flashbacks when I initially started taking Sam. Great to see to be honest because every session I know will get easier because it can get frustrating at times, but then they are kids it goes with the territory. 

We'd arrived about half an hour before Nic did where for him he can walk to this location the lucky git. I'd love this on my doorstep myself because its an interesting body of water which leads on to a club stretch of the Avon that has plenty of character. 

The sun was beating down and up in the water sunning themselves was a decent shoal of rudd so a handful of maggots to get them feeding it really was as fish a chuck.

There are almost ornamental coloured rudd here amongst the humdrum and some larger ones as well which Sam managed to catch within about 2 chucks of the float. 

The odd perch were caught as well which put up a better fight and I caught a decent one on a small bleak livebait which was dropped next to a moored boat where a group of them had been busy chasing their dinner earlier in the session. There were a few fish rolling which turned out to bream because one succumbed to Nic and Jasmines float rod when the maggots were fished on the bottom. 

Sam was fishing up in the water and caught so many fish he went away happy. Ok not the biggest admittedly but when the 2 hours session went as quickly as it did you know it was worthwhile going. 

There isn't many areas I fish on the Warwickshire Avon full off rudd like this place, so when conditions are tough like it is now with it being crystal clear and low it served its purpose well, we will be back. 


  1. It’s not just kids - if I can’t get a bit within the hour I’ll go and climb a tree (I’m 45). Can’t beat a bit of bite-a-chuck fishing!!

    1. loved it Brian, but yes I'm a little like that hence why I'm a roving angler in the main


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