Sunday, 2 May 2021

The Close Season Zander Quest Pt.198 - Pope Catchers and Pogonotrophy

A short cobbled together session this and a short post but with Sam blanking over the last couple of sessions on the lure a pint of maggots and some groundbait was the order of the day.

Every angler likes to see a float go under and Sam is no different. We don't do it enough I suppose but with ones single minded approach on the canal pleasure fishing sessions don't really get a look-in.

The area that Nic discovered though has some really nice fish in situ so I'm actually thinking of dusting off my keep-net as the Zander fishing isn't going particularly brilliant at the moment. 

Take this evening for instance despite fishing the Zander hot-spot (10 fish caught over two sessions, 8 over 4lb, the best 6lb) there were no bites at all, zilch, nada, nothing !!!!

The water temperature seemed fine but there was no fish moving whatsoever. There are usually bream here that roll and show themselves but not for this rather slow session.

After an hour without even a bite of maggot we moved swims and not long after we did the float dipped and Sam had the first fish on. 

I knew exactly what it was but he thought it was a perch at first. "Sam's that's a ruffe you've just caught"

"A ruffe, my first RUFFE !!!!"

"Yeap, worth just coming out for that wasn't it"

"Yipppppppppeeeeee, I've caught my first Ruffe"

He caught another 2 and bumped a couple off.

A shoal of Ruffe in a canal full of invasive predators, who'd have thought it. Tunnel Barn Fishery with more fish that water, you're welcome to it !!!!


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