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Sunday 25 April 2021

The Close Season Zander Quest Pt.194 - Aberuncators and Ablutomania

I've never been a huge fan of M&S wines mainly because I've drank a fair few over the years and never rushed back in anger to buy another bottle or two. 

I discovered one from their 'found' range which is rather palatable indeed this one from Greece of all places where this is a unique blend of two grapes indigenous to Greece: Xinomavro and Mandilaria
Sourcing this wine from from sustainable vineyards (are there any other ?), the fragrant indigenous grape Xinomavro from the mountainous north of Greece and the sturdy Mandilaria from islands in the Aegean,

This moorish and Elegant but flavoursome red had a little harmless sediment but nothing to what was a very nice bottle of red indeed.

Probably lighter and a little fruiter than I'd normally go for but went really well with a thick cut rib-eye with raspberries, blackberries and fresh herbs to cut through the richness of the meat.

Give it a go if you fancy something different...

Oh yeah £9.50 of your fine English pounds !!!!

Now if you are expecting something different on this page you're sadly mistaken you see, I'm quite a few sessions in to continuing with the ridiculous quest of mine and I'm still counting the sessions off to try and snare that double.

It's not getting any easier though in-fact despite the discover of a hot-spot, even the hot-spot hasn't been to hot of later. The weather has been nice though as I type this 24 hours before I was sat in a beer garden enjoying the power of the suns rays.

The butterflies have made an appearance in numbers and this one allowing me to get inches away before it decided I was some sort of weirdo. The orange-tips back in numbers too which I do love to see as they have plenty of character and very fiesty. 

Sam has been with me more and more of late and this latest mission at the area that has good to me in the past really was tough going. Remember this is the swim where I caught 10 fish where 8 of those fish were over 4lb. 

That is quite incredible really and that swim culminated in one of the fish going over 6lb in a return session. Since then though for me anyway the fish, well the larger one anyway have all but disappeared. A little like Sam enthusiasm at the minute because his lure fishing isn't going particularly brilliantly and his Dad too, not exactly doing that well with the Zander. 

We were only bankside for a couple of hours and just down from us a family of 4 caught 2 bream whilst we were chasing Zander but after getting the baits out and had two bites in the space of 10 minutes but couldn't connect to the fish, I did wonder if it was worth bothering or not. 

I'd had pulled the bait straight out of the fishes mouth and these were small fish who had eyes bigger than their bellies. A familiar story continued at dusk where after persuading Sam to try some sink and draw with a small roach after he'd lost another lure I had a bite as the light was going on the right-hand rod.

Another small fish again though and this time after a few seconds the fish surfaced and it was one of the smallest Zedlets I'd caught my eye on. Thankfully it was lightly hooked and after a flick of the tail it was headed back to his mates who were there to spoil ones party

This time of the year is always tough when they have other matters on their minds, lets hope unlike this quest they can get it done and dusted sooner rather than later.


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