Thursday 5 December 2019

Warwickshire Avon - Chasms and Crateriforms

The sucker fish was out in daylight hours, now usually its nocturnal in its nature and its tucked up out from view. Usually it's a sign you see, yes really, I need to go fishing. It doesn't happen very often either but seems to coincide with a capture of a decent fish.

The thing with limpet lips must be on to something !!!!

Decision was made, especially with a busy social weekend coming up again, so with a few roach deadbaits at my disposal the gear was cobbled together the same evening and I'd have a think about where to go fishing.

To be honest it didn't take much thought, I was back at the bomb hole for this short after work session in to dusk, this time I'd tackle up for it a little differently.

I used the deeper to map this area and after a few passses I found this facinating feature, a landmark if you will over at the far bank, and also the way the water was flowing I could find it again easily.

A little further to cast than I'd like but heck, this could well be a hotspot. There were bait fish showing on the scan last time so was this crater a haven for a big Zander to lay in wait.

It was certainly worth a try because any feature will likely hold fish, and something this different than the norm even more likely.

Running rigs and deads positioned in 16ft of water there must be something hiding, surely Shirley. The more I think about it, this 'hole' is unique really, the change of depth isn't gradual, it goes from 4 or 5 foot to 15 or 16 over a short distance.

I'd love to get the scuba gear on and have a butchers, heck I could even sell tickets and do tours such its magnificence.

Is there a gigantion Zander lurking here in this hidden hole ? !!!!

Now talking of hidden and undiscovered some exceptionally rare treasure dating back to the ‘birth of England’ has been lost to the nation after two metal detectives stole buried loot worth up to £12m.

The ancient Viking hoard included a ninth-century gold ring, dragon’s head bracelet and fifth century crystal rock pendant, which experts said gave fresh information about England’s unification.

The men behind the theft were jailed after failing to declare the haul found on Herefordshire farmland.

It is thought the trove, much of which has yet to be recovered, was buried by someone serving in the Great Viking Army in either 878 or 879, as they were driven east by an alliance of Saxon forces previously not thought to exist between the kings of Mercia and Wessex. 

They really must have peed off the establishment with their understandable greed, because finders keepers ringleader Powell was jailed for 10 years while his oppo received eight-and-a-half years. Two others were also jailed for conspiring to conceal the find.

Now these nighthawkers should have under the Treasure Act declared their find, you see anything found that is more than 300 years old should be reported to the local coroners office within 14 days and its value shared between those who discovered it, as well as landlords and other stakeholders.

Only 31 of the 300 coins, some dating to the reign of King Alfred – Alfred the Great have been recovered, although deleted photographs on one of their phones found by police showed the larger hoard intact, in a freshly dug hole.

Five of the coins are examples of the exceptionally rare Two Emperors penny, so-called as they depict King Alfred and a lesser known monarch, Ceolwulf II, who reigned in the old kingdom of Mercia. They are valued at up to £50,000 each.

Yes you heard right, £50,000 each !!!!

If they were not so greedy they could have easily walked away with half a million quid each most probably but now will careful not to drop the soap. Thing is the, sentencing is mad in this country, more serious crimes get pathetic jail times...

Anyway back to the fishing....

To cut a long story short, very disappointed indeed as I blanked, apart from a decent fish topping when I got there there the water seemed dead.

The sky clear, the moon out, the ground was getting a covering of frost too.

There were certainly chub in the swim though so that was encouraging as every fifteen minutes or so the fish were snatching at the bait trying to snatch the bait off the hook, but sadly nothing developed.

So it was back home to enjoy the fire with the Wife and warm ones cockles, it was certainly cold for this session, maybe that was putting the fish off.

(Excuse 10073)


  1. Did you give the pleque a kick for the duff gen?

    Good observations on man's greed but, what else drives a man to buy a metal detector?

    1. He's on the 5:2 fasting diet for the foreseeable future. Out in the outdoors ? solitude ? I know Jeff Hatt still does it today and enjoys the research and looking at history in to his discoveries, but yeah, many do it for commercial gain I suppose.


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