Friday 11 October 2019

Warwickshire Avon - Bully Backs and Buttock Brokers

With a few hours to spare I got home from work popped to Martyn's tackle shop to pick up some lobworms and neck a coffee then cobbled together some tackle within ten minutes of entering the door and was headed to an area of the Warwickshire Avon I've not fished for a while. It's convenient too, less than 10 minutes door to door.

Now sometimes the simplest of fishing can outwit the most cautious of fish. A small shoulder bag, a landing net a rod and rod rest is all that is needed. Rove from swim to swim to try and pick up something off-guard.

I was after perch but wanted to rove from swim to swim to see if anything decent was laying in wait. I love fishing like this, especially as I had the stretch to myself. Plenty of character here and there are some nice fish to be caught.

I noticed a tree in my Perch banker swim was no more however a cast of the worm to trundle down the swim bought a bite very quick indeed but it was a small perch that pestered me throughout the session. Their cover no more.

A nice raft had formed downstream though and under it I found chublets and perch but again not the biggest of fish. It was bite after bite though and I was gradually running out of lobworms. The colour was just right to get the fish feeding confidently and a session with Sam over the weekend I think I will try for Perch again, this time using a method that is a proven bigger fish banker.

It was a very mild day indeed with plenty of rain and overcast but the bigger perch didn't show.

The chublets were getting bigger though and after losing one to a snag that felt a proper chub all ones lob worms were gone. Some small worms were collected from a ploughed field which again meant small perch so it was on to something a proper Chub would like.

It was a slung fest at the stretch so unlimited bait but after two proper confident bites without hooking in to anything I called the session to an end, it was just nice to get out for a couple of hours despite it being added to the best forget list.

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  1. Can’t beat a fishing wander - the perfect way of fishing!


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