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Monday 4 March 2019

Warwickshire Avon – Freeholders and Foot Wabblers

Anyone who’s kept up with my ramblings over the last number of years will know how lucky I am to have one of those brains that is susceptible to lucid dreaming. Triggers such as stilton cheese well documented in this blog of mine and it’s a state of mind I enjoy.

Now lucid dreaming can vary from full awareness, but no control, to full dream control, changing the landscape and summoning things into existence. Most people initially experience a level somewhere in between and common activities such as flying are easy to grasp. 

Everyone starts out with varying degrees of dream control ability. If you have a higher level of visualisation and spatial awareness skills, you will likely be able to control your dreams better than others. However, dream control is a skill, just like visualisation that can be learned with practice.

A new device is in development you see after a kickstarter campaign the Lucid Dreamer provides a gateway to dream awareness so you can get that practice easily, without disturbing your sleep or fumbling with difficult induction techniques.

Many experienced lucid dreamers like me also enjoy the experience of passive lucid dreaming, letting their subconscious mind steer the dream plot. This can feel a lot like an ultra-vivid, 3-Dimensional, full-sensation movie.

You’ll be amazed at what your inner self has to share with you!

Anyone who’s been able to lucid dream can tell you what an exhilarating experience it is!

Some people have devoted months, years and even careers to the study and practice of lucid dreaming. Many methods and techniques have been developed to naturally reach this state, however results take a great deal of time and effort – if you ever get them at all. Knowing this, others have tried to manufacture lucid dream-inducing sleep masks using built in LED lights, a method that has been proven ineffective. 

It started to seem like such a device could never exist, and lucid dreaming would always be left up to either chance or painstaking practice.

Then, a promising technology emerged which I’ve been watching from afar...

You see studies have shown that a very specific type of brain activity in the frontal lobes, called gamma activity, is present during lucid dreams. This activity is associated with consciousness.

Now this Lucid Dreamer device uses advanced algorithms that detect when you start dreaming. These algorithms use the electrical signals from the brain, which are measured with EEG electroencephalogram. Measuring brain activity to detect the onset of a dream is much more accurate than the more conventional method of using eye-movement data. 

The measurement of brain activity during sleep will also be used as a basis for personal stimulation settings recommendations. 

When the onset of a dream is detected, tACS (transcranial alternating current stimulation) is applied, which will enhance gamma in the frontal regions of the brain and therefore significantly lowers the threshold for getting a lucid dream.

The Lucid Dreamer also has the ability to apply light and audio stimulation during a dream. Light flashes and audio stimulation are long-known methods for increasing the possibility for getting a lucid dream. Rhythmic light flashes and audio signals can also be used for neural entrainment, which is another way of altering neural oscillations.

The Lucid Dreamer supports neural entrainment protocols that can be triggered at the onset of a dream and altering neural oscillations in the visual and auditory cortex.

Light and audio stimulation during a dream has shown to be effective when used combination with cognitive exercises known as ‘Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams’ or ‘MILD’. The Lucid Dreamer App implements an innovative MILD training program.

I’m hoping they will get the device to market this year, it sounds like exactly what I’m looking for !!!!

For this short morning session, all I was looking for was a bend in the rod. I didn’t have long either so a venue closer to home, door to door in ten minutes in-fact, should be able to give me that. It was raining when I got there and the rain steadily worsened throughout the session, but stay mobile, wear all the gear, it can be enjoyed. 

So cheesepaste as bait, rove around to likely looking swims to try and winkle a chub out…

Chub don’t mess around where cheesepaste is concerned, so more than 10 minutes in one swim it’s best to move on. Deeper holes, slacks, rafts and tight against cover, it’s not rocket science, where the fish will be. 

It took three swims before the first bite, a solid 3 and a half pounder, and over the 2 and a bit hour session, another 3 fish were caught, all over 3lb. They are a great fighting weight this time of year so certainly a good way to test ones tackle, the rod properly bend double, a two handed jobbie to get them away from the snags.

Sanity restored !!!!


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