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Friday 28 December 2018

The Tiny River Alne - Bunbury's and Bassheads

These Skullcandy Crusher headphones the Wife bought me for Christmas are utterly ridiculous for anyone but the low frequency lover. Now as someone who has been party to a few patents thumbs up to their offering, you see their patented crusher technology features powerful bass drivers in each ear cup and these custom drivers deliver vibrations in response to low end frequencies from your audio.

Basically the drivers creates an immersive experience that lets you not only hear your content, but actually feel it.

Yeah yeah yeah, but My God for the basshead like me, they need to be heard to be appreciated. Even I a past tinnitus sufferer because of my mad clubbing days was back reliving some of my great memories of days gone by, watching some great DJ's.

These are certainly not for the audiophile but they are not marketed for that market, they are meant for those like me that get off on the 'feel' of the music and the haptic feedback of these are just incredible.

Even I cannot have the adjuster slider dial up to max, three-quarters is just fine, and believe you me it's like being stood back on the speakers at Baker's with Scott Bond back on the decks.

Weird isn't it, I seek solitude whenever possible and yet can also zone out with loud repetitive beats.

Now talk about repetitive, I was back down the Alne again, I had a small window of opportunity to fish again and this stretch of the river is the closest to me more or less.

In around 5 minutes I can be bankside so gives me more time to have a bait in the water. The last session was a blank, a river on the rise and not far to being over its banks I couldn't believe after looking at the online river levels just how much it had dropped in a couple of days, back to being a shallow river in the main.

It's a feature laden bit of river though, perfect for roving which is how I approached this session. Travel light walk to the end of the stretch whilst baiting a few swims with liquidised bread on the way.

I really want a decent Roach from here but it seems dominated by Chub and more chub. Nothing wrong with that as I love catching a chunky chevin like many anglers do, but I'm sure there are some big red fins in the stretch I'm sure of it.

Hookbait was breadflake and because the fish are not pressured 5lb main line straight through to a size 12 hook, with a float stop and simple running bead to hold a link with a single SSG.

You'd have thought the fish would get a little peed off with the habitat changing like it can do, but no there are still some decent fish to be had.

And wow, what a great session, nearly a fish from every swim, a 9 fish tally with the best fish going 3lb or a little more. Ok not massive fish for sure but for me it's about the location as well, not just potential to catch a personal best.

I only had 3 hours but with these small rivers if you haven't a bite in around 10 minutes from a swim I've found it is best to move on. The average stamp seems to be around a pound and a bit to two pounds so enough to give a good snag hunting scrap for a decent bend in the rod.

Shame no Roach were caught but I'm sure I just need to stumble on some in the right conditions, I might give it a rest for a while now and fish it in colder conditions that should be a little more favourable.

Certainly an enjoyable session though and after the Zander session yesterday, can it get any better ? next session if all goes to plan is a Chub and Zander session down at the lower reaches of the WBAS stretch. On a roll ? could well be, really enjoying the roving though, the much needed exercise an office worker seeks but it's nice sometimes just to catch a few fish.


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