Friday, 19 October 2018

Warwickshire Avon - Ensign Bearers, Epic Fails and Elbow Shakers

There was always a chance of a Pike down this neck of the woods, but the 1.5TC rod I was using for Perch was so under-gunned I dread to think what was on the end. A pike certainly, but how big, who knows, but I’d only ever felt the power of a big fish like that when I hooked one in similar circumstance when targeting Zander in a weir pool.

‘You're gonna need a bigger boat.'

I wasn’t quite ready to don the fighting harness just yet or ease myself in to a fighting chair, but having tightening the drag up and applying as much pressure I could possibly apply the fish was dragging me along the damp wooden platform, yes really !!!!

As Sam Newey acted out, for all intents and purposes it was an epic fail and added to the lost big fish list, which to be fair ain’t that big, but then I suppose mediocrity and me go together, these situations don’t come up that often.

A dream pike Mick ? quite possibly but I’d never know will I stupid.

The Pike is ‘A life subdued to its instrument’, they cannot change, their evolved predatory instincts and instruments for biting dictate their existence.

Conversely fishermen’s tools have evolved in response to the specific needs of their environment, they can develop technologies, in this case the rod, that increase their capacity for predation, they can adapt without a biophysical change.

Now the pikes killer-instinct implicitly maps onto the UK’s own modes of survival, the submarines it has developed to defend itself which, like the animals drives may remain hidden for sustained time periods only to emerge with destructive consequences.

That's why I love them as a species, the assassin out of Killing Eve, there is just something about them, I'm sure you know what I mean.  Jodie Comer who plays Villanelle, ever so alluring, till she goes in for the kill with a smile on her face.

Before I switched to deadbaits for Pike and lobworms for Perch, as the bait fish are still pretty active and easy to catch for this return session a live bait would be used again but this time the 1.5TC rod was ditched for something more suitable, a heavy lure rod. 

There was a nice of colour to the water as well so despite fishing a short afternoon session, I’m sure the predators would be up for a dust up. With the Perch I eventually caught coming from the same peg, the swim where I lost the big pike for the first time would be the first port of call.

I kept the baits in my landing net last time but this session but it was a bit of hassle moving to and fro swims and keep them happy so accompanying me for this session was my live bait aerator bucket.

It’s a great bit of kit as well, even the delicate bleak seem quite happy in their own jacuzzi because unlike if they were kept in a net they have a good chance of survival.

I don’t fish for big Perch that often and I’m not sure why to be honest, such a great looking fish when they are big, the frame, the fins, the colour and their markings, and they give a good fight usually and that’s where the dreaded quandary starts to rear its ugly head. You see I love using balanced tackle when I’m targeting a specific species but Pike like what Perch like, and vice versa. I certainly don’t want to catch my PB perch on a 3lb TC broom handle.

A little like these big Roach being caught on carp gear, yeah great for that Instagram photo but not the way I’d like to catch one. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to catch a 3lb Roach but for me it is the whole package, not just the capture.

I’m rabbiting on now, anyway, so this quick after work afternoon session, how did it go ?

There was plenty of bait fish up for a feed and I was soon in to catching a few perch,  not the biggest of fish but it's always nice to see the float go under isn't it. To be fair it wasn't ideal conditions with clear skies and clear water but in an among the swims in the shade there were predators milling around.

The first pike came soon after the Perch and I had another 3 I think, not the biggest of fish but always nice to catch them.

The biggest maybe 5lb or so and all to small live baits. The problem with my fishing is that I have to fit within the time dictated by the diary makers so I'm sure if I fish in to dusk that the Perch would be more forthcoming. The water needs some colour as well, that would certainly help matters I'm sure.

The rod today was a heavyish lure rod and to be fair it was suited for both captures, I suppose it helps that the tip is quite springy but certainly I'll give this venue a go again when there is a bit more colour in it. I'm sure, well I know there are some much bigger fish to be had.


  1. I know just what you mean Mick. If it's not caught by design on appropriate tackle I don't personally count it as a true PB. I'd guess a lot of big chub caught in this country were really caught on barbel gear,I know mine was,that's why I don't count it.

  2. If there is any chance of a monster pike I go geared up to catch it, know what you mean about balanced kit for different species - but I’d be kicking myself hooking and loosing one, don’t get many chances.

    1. Never felt so under gunned with a fish so yes think I need a rethink


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