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Wednesday 26 July 2017

Warwickshire Avon – Fins and F**K Ups

Picture the scenario, CAD work complete on the remaining load of block models for an interior buck property that the ‘A’ surfaces were finished nearly a month ago, another job well done, I can now wind down a little after a week of solid modelling, my eyes, feeling the strain, I need the break, so….

5 Axis milling machine about to cut ureol.

“Mick, hang on, we have a problem” “you haven’t sent the models yet have you ?”

“Errr, yes, why !!!”

“Computer says, No !!!!”

So this week up till now had been correcting someone else’s boo-boo, sorry f*ck-up that should never of happened.

Oh well, these things happen, hopefully back on track.

Luckily caught in time, crisis averted.

Well till the next one anyway….

The thing is with one’s head down, bluetooth earphones streaming Sacred Passions 2 by Journey Escapes (Mixcloud), it’s surprising just how quickly I can plough through the work.

Mind elsewhere you see, something electronic music, not unlike fishing can give me.

A little like Barbel, who can often get preoccupied feeding on the layer of bait dropped hemp, so even the most wary can get caught out as they are zoned out like I can be and that’s what I was hoping for this short evening session.

As nearly all my fishing sessions, nearly 500 now, since I started blogging, I plan them….

I suppose that’s the engineer in me, very meticulous on the most part….

So Hemp and small pellets via the dropper, leave for an hour / an hour and a half to let them munch and grub over the free offerings, and then fish a bait over the top for the last hour before dusk, no real science to it and more often than not an unsuspecting barbel will get caught out.

I bit like my youngest and a finger buffet though, churn through the sausage rolls, pork pies and cheese sticks and eventually sometime remotely healthy will enter ones chops, lesson learnt next time.

"Dad, yukkkk, what's this green thing !!!!"

For the hour after the hemp drop, I’d fishing a link ledgered bit of bread flake just to see what would crop up.

Martin was already bankside and on the Barbel, ended up with 3 fish lots, one a near double and lots of Chub.

After a natter I went to my chosen swim and couldn't believe the difference from a few days ago. all the colour was out the water and must have been at least 1 ft lower. I was committed though with not much time left but in hindsight I should have moved back to where Martin was where the swims are deeper and the streamer weed thicker.

I put some bait down and proceeded to seeing what I could pick up from the weir, after a few chublets it was back at the chosen swim.

Bait cast out, it was sit back and wait.

The krill boilie received attention straight away, yeap chub in residence. With dusk fast approaching I needed a Barbel but a few minutes before ten and the light all but gone and my home time a Chub hung itself, I hand landed it and looked around 3lb.

Probably not the best decision to fish where I did, oh well, at least I know for next time.


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